15 Awesome Custom Remodeling Ideas

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Bathroom cabinets
Remodeling your home? Adding new additions to your house? Building a castle? Here are some great ideas to make your place even better!
  1. Outside Bar — Studies have shown that having an outside bar makes you and your house 52,000 times cooler.
  2. Mini-Fridge — Don’t just have one, build one! Build ten! Build them into your walls, into your ceilings, into your bathroom floors! Like mother always says, “you can never have too many mini refrigerators.”
  3. Pull-Out Cabinets — You can build your own cabinets that pull out and wheel away when you need them to. If you’re worried you might not posses the necessary skills and knowledge to do something like this, fear not, there are over 8,000 vanity and cabinet businesses in the U.S. and they definitely know what they’re doing. Their industry generates an estimated $20 billion in revenue each year. That’s a a lot of mini-fridges or one really nice one.
  4. Extra Room — Build an extra room in the empty space above your stairs. It can be a general storage room, reading nook, or a place to store seven more mini-fridges.
  5. Adult Bunk Beds — I challenge you to name one thing more fun than bunk beds.
  6. Fireplace — Remodel your fireplace anyway you want! Perhaps a marble outline or stone fireplace seating. How about a custom fireplace by the tub in the bathroom? Just keep the flames away from those bathroom cabinets!
  7. Stainless Steel Kitchen — It’s hard for kitchens to look anything short of amazing when they have stainless steel appliances and 65% of all homeowners prefer stainless steel. I can’t decide what is the best part: the stainless, or the steel.
  8. Stainless Steel Bathroom — Keeping with the stainless steel theme, how about turning your bathroom into a stainless steel masterpiece! Stainless steel bathroom cabinets, bathroom sink, tub, how about a stainless steel mini-fridge in the bathroom!
  9. Custom Bathroom Cabinets — Build extra shelves right into your cabinets. Your 9 unopened sticks of deodorant can go on each one!
  10. Doggy Room — Build one right under the stairs. They can be so cozy! This was actually written from a doggy room.
  11. Balcony — You can’t go wrong with a balcony. Put one anywhere you want, it’ll make your home better. Kitchen balcony, attic balcony, master bedroom balcony, balcony balcony… you can’t beat it.
  12. Custom Hanging Wine Rack — Glue a bottle of wine to a wall if you want. It’s wine. Yes.
  13. Build a Castle — Pretty self-explanatory. Build a gigantic castle that people can see from miles away.
  14. Secret Chamber — It’s as simple as flicking one secret switch on a book in your bookshelf. If a secret chamber isn’t really your style, you can always build a secret laboratory in your basement. (For the record, the price range for these additions may vary.)
  15. Coat Hangers — Cool little custom coat hangers. Cool!
Could you imagine a castle with coat hangers? Have fun building your dream homes!

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