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Bringing the Emerald Ash Borer Under Control

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How to control emerald ash borer
The emerald ash borer might be a beautiful insect in some ways, but make no mistake. Emerald ash borer control is one of the most necessary things we will do if the ash tree is to survive in America. Emerald ash borer treatment has been difficult for decades. The insect was introduced to the United States through cargo ships and, ever since then, it has been a destructive force in America’s forests. The parasite is killing the host. Emerald ash borer control is necessary, but for years there were disputes as to how this should best be done. Currently, the favored approach is to introduce a parasite to the parasite. Certain species of wasps, for instance, will lay their eggs on the eggs of emerald ash borers and prevent the emerald ash borer eggs from growing. Emerald ash borer control can be a fairly complex problem. After all, it is always risky introducing a new animal into the wilderness, even if it is being used to destroy a parasite. But sometimes it is necessary. The emerald ash borer could destroy thousands of miles of forests and case billions of dollars in economic damage. Not just for the sake of the ash trees but also for the sake of communities, it is necessary to bring emerald ash borer control to the forefront. We might not ever be able to completely eradicate the population of emerald ash borers, but greatly reducing their population is good place to start.