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Five Things You’ll Need for Your DIY Duct Cleaning Project

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If your HVAC system runs all day during the winter and summer months to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, then you’ll want to make sure ducts and vents stay clean. When they are not properly maintained, they can blow dust, dirt, and allergens into your home, preventing the air from staying clean and making breathing easily a chore. Fortunately, air duct cleaning do it yourself projects are relatively easy, and a good way to save money. According to HomeAdvisor, the average American will spend just under $450, and much more if they need extensive services from duct cleaning companies, when they clean their ducts. On the flip side though, DIY air duct cleaning, is cheap, easy, and only requir

Invest in a More Efficient Cooling System to Lower Energy Use During Summer Months

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Last year, the EIA estimated that the average American household would spend nearly $400 on utility bills through the summer months of June, July, and August. For some, that number is much higher, especially homeowners who have outdated home cooling systems that have to work harder than some of their contemporary counterparts to keep a home comfortable. In order to lower the amount of electricity you use, and in turn, utility bills, there are several options. You can invest in air conditioning repairs that fix common problems or upgrade to completely new efficient home cooling systems. Either way, if you want to stay cool during the hottest times of year without paying astronomical utility bills, you’ll have to make some upgrades. Unfortunately, over time, AC systems can wear down and break, and there are

Four Helpful Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

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Every year, between six and 10 million American homes are sold to new buyers. While that high number means that lots of people are buying new homes, it also means that the market is full of great properties, and selling a home can prove to be quite difficult. Whether you are working with a real estate agent to trying to make a sale on your own, there are a few things you should try in order to make sure your home sells quickly and at a fair price. Establish a Web Presence Nowadays, more than 90% of potential home buyers visit and tour homes that they originally found on the internet. Though paper listings and ads still have their place, if you want to share your home with the most buyers possible, and increase the chances of making a sale, you will have to get it listed online. In addition to ad