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Too Much Sun is Never a Good Thing, Especially if You are King of the Grill

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A summer BBQ is a great way to kick back, relax, and enjoy some time with friends and family. But when the weather gets bad, turning on the grill and having a few cold ones won’t be any fun, and you’ll have to take your party inside. Unfortunately, rain isn’t the only concern when it comes to hanging outside. The sun, perhaps surprisingly, can make it quite difficult to enjoy the outdoors and relax. During the middle of the day, if there aren’t clouds and your backyard doesn’t have any trees providing shade, it can simply get too hot to stay outside. A good remedy for that, which will allow you to enjoy every summer day outside, is installing exterior patio shades. Just like their interior counterparts, outdoor patio shades are a perfect

The Advantages of Buying Foreclosed Real Estate

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Every American who has kept up on current events over the past six or seven years has heard a lot about the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble, and how that impacted the recession of 2008 and 2009. At the core of the recession was the implosion of the housing industry, which many people believe was a direct result of lender and debtor irresponsibility. In hindsight, much of the economic prosperity that the United States appeared to be experiencing during the late 1990s and early 2000s was apparently an illusion, as millions of Americans were living well beyond their means. At the same time, the liberal lending habits of banks and credit card companies were happy to oblige with a credit happy population. Of course, when the health of an entire economy is supported by illusory investments and money th

Eco-Friendly Toilets, Bathroom Vanities and Sinks

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Do you know what modern toilets were called when they were first patented way back in 1857? If you said “john” then you would be absolutely incorrect. The first patented toilets were called “plunger closets.” Even though the term “closet” has little in common with a toilet, these early “plunger closets” were based upon designs similar to those seen in the commercial toilets found in today’s commercial lavatories. As you might imagine, the invention of toilets and indoor plumbing added considerable convenience to the lives of every person. Continue Reading No Comments