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Why Choose Residential Steel Windows?

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Residential steel windows
When working with a client on the design and details of their future home, you want to provide them with all their options and encourage them to chose the features that will provide the most elegance while also increasing the safety and security of the home.
When it comes to windows, residential steel windows are one of the best options. They provide a higher level of safety protecting the home from burglaries, they help reduce energy costs, and they are fire rated windows, so they add an extra layer of protection in that regard.
There is a home intrusion every 13 seconds in the United States. Additionally, approximately 30% of all burglaries happen through a window or door that was left open or unlocked. Residential steel windows are reliable and secure and provide better protection tha

Curb Appeal How the Internet Challenges Home Sellers to Market Their Homes

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Roofers grand rapids mi
With so many homes on the market today, the housing market is more competitive than ever. Considering the added utility of the internet over the past decade for the housing market, many home buyers are able to be even pickier than ever. Since they no longer need to visit a home due to pictures posted online, many home sellers are unable to benefit from the constructive criticisms of those who attend open houses. There is a careful dynamic taking place here: home sellers are able to advertise a home selectively by choosing which pictures to include; at the same time however, there is a surplus of houses on the market, so homes with fewer or poor pictures may not engage prospective home buyers. To this end, curb appeal is becoming more significant than ever. Here are some key tips to increase the value a

What Can You Do to Water Proof Your Basement?

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Basement waterproofing
Basements are great for converted play rooms and for storing away our extra stuff. But that convenience comes at a price, as 98% of homes with basements will at some point experience water damage of one kind or another. Basement water proofing can fix the problem, though it is important to determine the exact reason why the basement is flooding.
Is the Rain Causing Your Wet Basement?
If your basement leaks when it rains, several factors may be the problem. Firstly, examine the yard. The slope of the soil should not be flat. It needs to gently slope six inches downwards away from the house over every 10 horizontal feet. This allows the water drain off