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Everything You need to Know About Commercial Generators for Your Business

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Types of electric generators
Did you know that the average lifespan of a tank water heater is between eight and 12 years? If you?ve been trying to get your building up to code and in prime condition, you may be looking into your numerous options for commercial generators, heaters, etc.
What else should you know? Here are a few important things to keep in mind.
Have a Professional Install Everything
It?s always tempting to have a non-professional hook things up for you; while contacting a professional might cost you $300, your cousin is willing to do it for $50. However, it?s important to keep in mind that the cost of avoiding a professional can be much higher than simply getting it done once and for all. Home-based electrical systems cause over 50,000 fires every year, after all. Poor installa

The Top 3 Important Factors to Consider Before Renovating a Bathroom

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Bathroom tile installation
Renovating a bathroom is a fun and exciting project but it also involves a lot of choices and decisions in order to get the design that you have envisioned. Whether it involves replacing a bathtub or an entire ceramic tile job, there is a lot of things that need to be determined before ever even starting the work. Let’s take a look at a few factors to consider before you start smashing up the bathroom.
Design Ideas You can either take a look at some of the renovators work that they have already done and get some ideas or you can come up with ideas of your own. A third option is to c

3 Landscape Design Trends for 2016 Worth Paying Attention To

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Duluth landscaping
Did you know that great landscaping can speed up a home?s sale by up to six weeks?There?s a number of reasons people may choose to invest in their landscaping. After 20 years in your home, for example, your bushes may have started to look a bit scraggly — and some may have died over the years, as well. Your overall approach to landscaping might feel a little dated. And, of course, you might be looking to move eventually — in which case, landscaping can have a great return on investment (ROI).
Experienced landscapers can help connect you with the outdoor environ of your dreams. Here are three landscape design trends for 2016 that are worth considering for your home.
1. How Much Wate

Roof Repair Requires a Careful Consideration of Reliable Contractors

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Residential solar
It was a crazy evening that led to the realization that your 19 year old home was in need of roof repair.
After a night of restless sleeping, you attempted to wake your husband and tell him he needed to follow you into the large walk in closet in the master bedroom suite. Earlier in the evening you had taken turns waking each other up. He kept waking you up with his snoring and you kept waking him up by talking in your sleep. It may have been the fact that he had already shaken you awake to tell you that you had been sleep talking about Colorado, but for whatever reason he was reluctant to follow his sleep taking wife out of bed and into the closet. He was already exhausted and knew the alarm would be gong off too soon.
when you finally convinced him that it was important, he agreed that there really

3 Tips for Preparing for a Hurricane

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Hurricane shutters and doors cape coral
Preparing for a hurricane isn’t exactly the most fun task in the world, and it’s probably not something that you really want to think about too often. But the fact is, preparation for a hurricane well in advance is one of the best ways to make sure that you keep your home and your family safe.
According to recent data, hurricanes have been known to reach 50,000 feet up into the sky and can travel as fast as 200 mph. Hurricanes can last for days — even weeks — and they’ve been known to cause more deaths on any given year than any other type of storm; they can be 2,000 times bigger than the average tornado, and hurricanes have been known to whip up and drop more than two trillion gallons of rain in a single day.
So what exactly can you do to Continue Reading No Comments