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Are You Getting Ready to Build a New Home?

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Heating and air conditioning
Well, a few things have changed over the last couple of months. On your first trip to Illinois to look for a house you found a home that we loved and made an offer. It had a new heating and cooling system that came with a HVAC certification service warranty, as well as a new roof. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, however, things have changed. Now you have decided to seize the opportunity and build your dream house. You are very excited by all the possibilities, and should be breaking ground in a couple of weeks.
On the kids’s winter break from school you decided to spend the days off in your new city and thought that you had booked a really nice hotel room. And while the lobby a

3 Reasons to Stay On Top of Your Home’s Furnace Maintenance

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Pipe lining and excavation
In order to lower your utility bill, it’s essential that you provide proper maintenance on all your heating and cooling appliances in your home. Replacing a furnace, for example, is extremely important if your furnace repair job isn’t going to sufficiently improve its functionality. Luckily, if you work with experienced professionals who know proper furnace repair techniques, you should be able to avoid any major expenses.
Here are a few reasons why HVAC services and furnace repair is so important.

Significantly Lower Energy Bills

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Have Your Home Tested for Potential Radon Risks

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Crawl space vapor barrier
Do you think you may have radon present in your home or the ground surrounding your home? Even if you don’t believe that you do, it’s important to have a radon mitigation and abatement company provide testing.
Radon mitigation and abatement is important in order to protect and take preventative measures against this dangerous gas. Radon may remain undetected due to the fact that this natural, radioactive gas is invisible and odorless.
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), for every 15 homes, roughly one has radon levels that exceed its action levels. When these levels are reduced by two-to-four percent, scientific estimate

Are You Looking for Heavy Equipment Repair?

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Lawn and garden tinley park
Halloween was barely over and the neighborhood was already making its transformation.
A couple of unseasonably warm days the beginning of November put many people in the spirit. The spirit to move from the orange and black holiday decorations to the red and green decorations of Christmas. And while the lights would not be lit until later in the month when Thanksgiving celebrations ended, the ladder scaffolding and scissor lifts were booked for outdoor lighting projects. And the decorating frenzy appeared to be contagious. As one neighbor on the street installed their lights, other neighbors felt both the spirit and the pressure to