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Choosing the Best Air Piping System and Avoid the Pitfalls

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Compressor piping
When it comes to choosing the right air compressor piping system, getting it right can make a ton of difference for your business as well as your wallet. When you install the appropriate compressed air pipe, you will avoid the pitfalls of pressure loss, rust, and other problems. Future headaches can be avoided by choosing the right type of piping and the right size, as well. When considering the proper compressed air piping materials, there are a few considerations to pay attention to, and you should always remember to keep first things first. Start by looking at the specifications of your compressor. Your compressor should tell you what the capacity is. This is extremely important when you are considering the size of the piping. Next, consider how far away your compressor is going to be from your equip

Three Reasons People are Choosing Above Ground Storm Shelters

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Arkansas storm shelters
Have you heard of above ground storm shelters? If you live in Tornado Alley, you are probably beyond aware of the protocol when a twister is headed your way. You’ve probably done it so many times that it doesn’t even phase you when the ominous sirens go off during a bad storm. You get yourself to the nearest bathtub or hallway or tornado shelter and wait it out. That’s how our forefathers did it, and that’s what we’ll do.

The thing is, storm safety technology has progressed since the days of Dorothy and Toto. If Auntie Em had heard of above ground storm shelters, there’s a good chance Dorothy never would have gotten carried away to Oz. While that might have ruined one of our favorite childho

Visualizing Your Home’s High End Furniture

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Black leather italian sofa
The furniture in a house is almost as important as the rest of the home?s design. When you enter a house for the first time, you are likely to notice the paint colors, the cabinet and fixture designs, and the type of furniture. The furniture really ties the room together and makes the house look like a home. With so many furniture options available, how do you begin your furniture shopping process?

Visualize your dream house. What colors are on the walls? What type of flooring is there? What does the furniture look like and how is it placed? Visualizing your dream house can help narrow down the furniture choices you have. When you are looking for a specific type of living room furniture set, for example, you can save a lot of wasted time. Consider the siz

Worried About That Kitchen Remodel? Start From the Bottom Up

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Bathroom design
When you think about changing up your kitchen design, what is the first change that comes to mind? Is it is cabinets, or the sink, or perhaps a shiny new refrigerator? Switching any of these features for a new look will give the kitchen a fresh look, it is true. But why not think bigger, and think instead about changing the flooring?
Our floors take a beating each and every day. Changing this often-seen and rarely-noticed feature can have nearly as dramatic an effect as changing the color of paint on the walls. The question becomes, what type of flooring will you choose? Laminate, tile, Continue Reading No Comments