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When Was the Last Time You Updated the Landscaping on Your Property?

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You never imagined that when you had the opportunity to build your first house that you would be dealing with such small details. You were prepared for questions about the finishing touches of selecting drawer and cabinet pulls for the kitchen and the bathroom, but you were totally unprepared for conversations about how small is driveway gravel supposed to be. The front of your house, of course, has a paved driveway leading to the garage, but your husband wants a gravel driveway at the back of the property. And while he is perfectly interested in having conversations about how expensive and how small is driveway gravel, you would rather pay attention to the details that are needed inside the home.
To keep the peace and make sure that you are both getting input, you have made the decision that you will have the final say in the cosmetic decisions that will determine how the inside of the house looks, but that your husband will have final say when it comes to Continue Reading No Comments