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8 of The World’s Most Unsual Elevators

Written by Home Depot Shingles. Posted in Home elevator company, Residential elevator service

Elevators have come a long way since they were first invented, and the world would not be able to function without the residential lifts and commercial elevators that make modern life possible. In the United States alone, it’s not uncommon to see a commercial elevator: there are at least 900,000 of them. Elevators in the United States make approximately 18 billion trips every year.

In the US, the most common thing you’ll run across is a commercial elevator, a residential elevator, or an elevator in a retail establishment: or even outside! In American and abroad there are some pretty amazing elevators.

Hammetschwand Lift

This commercial elevator might just offer the world’s best elevator view. Located in Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, this lift will transport you nearly 500 feet straight up to breathtaking views of the Alps.

It’s also an old elevator, having been in operation for well over a hundred years. The elevator travels at 10 feet every second, so hold on to y