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How to Waterproof a Surface with Sealant Paint

Written by Home Depot Shingles. Posted in Liquid rubber coating for metal, Rubberized roofing paint, Slip resistant waterproof elastomeric deck coating

Whether you need to waterproof your basement walls, the outside of your home, or your bathroom, you can do so with waterproof sealant paint. The paint comes in different levels of waterproofing ability, so you can buy a more heavy duty kind for places like inside your shower where there is regular exposure to moisture. It is made from oil or latex and is often clear, but you can also buy it in shades like white or gray. It’s easy to use and you can waterproof any surface in your home by yourself.

Choosing a Paint

The first step is to choose a paint. You can do this by deciding where you want to paint and then finding a sealant that is created for the purpose. There are sealant paints for the roof, your shower, the concrete in your basement, and more. Rubber roof paint might be more heavy duty than what you would use for floor coatings in your living room.