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Winter Weather Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Home

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You sure hope the gutter holds up!
In many ways the frozen waterfall outside your home looks kind of spectacular. As the icicles increase in both width and length, however, there is a real chance that these are more a sign of danger than a thing of beauty. In fact, depending on the design of the eve of your home, that water will head right back in the house. You had not ever heard of ice damming until your insurance adjuster friend said they have claims like this all the time. Unfortunately, this is bound to be a bad year for this with more snow on the way over the next three to four days.
With a plan to put more isulation in attic you might be seeing fewer icicles, because one of the problems right now is that the heat in the house is melting the snow and the roof during the day and then the cold overnight temperatures are causing new freezing every night. For some of the least fortunate property owners, this dangerous cycle can lead to Continue Reading No Comments