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When to Install New Tiles in the Pool

Written by Home Depot Shingles. Posted in Dolphin, Multicolor porcelain pool tile, White glass porcelain tile

Tiles have been used for many centuries, the technology of ceramics is an old once. Similarly, glass mosaics have been popular for art for a long time; glass mosaics have been known to date back to 300 BC. Today, tiles are as relevant as ever, for swimming pools, bathroom or kitchen floor, subway walls, and more. Swimming pool both private and public need high quality pool tile installation done, and this can result in attractive and long-lasting walls of tiles. These tiles may be plain white squares, but some can also make fun and attractive shapes to make a pool more distinctive. Colorful ceramic or glass tiles can be used to create a mermaid mosaic, for example, or even a mosaic turtle of waves in a pool. In other cases, colorful tiles can be used to mark the water line of a pool, which not only looks attractive but acts