3 Landscape Design Trends for 2016 Worth Paying Attention To

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Did you know that great landscaping can speed up a home?s sale by up to six weeks?There?s a number of reasons people may choose to invest in their landscaping. After 20 years in your home, for example, your bushes may have started to look a bit scraggly — and some may have died over the years, as well. Your overall approach to landscaping might feel a little dated. And, of course, you might be looking to move eventually — in which case, landscaping can have a great return on investment (ROI).
Experienced landscapers can help connect you with the outdoor environ of your dreams. Here are three landscape design trends for 2016 that are worth considering for your home.
1. How Much Water is Required for Landscaping Designs?
An interesting trend has popped up, partially due to growing concerns over water shortages in the west: people are looking for ways to reduce their water usage, which starts with their lawn. It?s no secret that landscaping can often require a lot of water to maintain. One solution to this is to opt for native plants, which are used to the local conditions and won?t require a lot of extra water to thrive.
2. Bring Comfort to Your Yard
A small investment in your yard now can reap years of benefits, and this is especially true when it comes to outfitting your patio. Although making sure that you have waterproof fabrics is important, this can carry on into your landscaping plan. Firepits, benches, and built-in seating are all things worth considering in order to get more usage out of your outdoors — and have more opportunities for inviting your friends over, as well.
3. Bring on the Hardscaping
While many of us naturally think of ?plants? when it comes to landscaping, the truth is that plants aren?t the only thing you can have installed in your yard. Hardscaping refers to things like concrete paths and rocky terrains. You can create a lot of visual interest in your yard by turning to less conventional design elements this year. Having more ?rock gardens? as part of your own is also on the list of landscaping tips for successfully reducing water usage.
2016 is truly the age for better landscaping designs. Homeowners don’t need to feel limited by the recession or by water usage, considering how many alternatives there are.

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