3 Natural Household Products That Make Excellent Cabinet Cleaners

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In case you missed the memo, “green” is in, especially when it comes to getting a greener clean. Eco-friendly household products a must for many consumers who are hoping to save money and the environment at the same time. But the question remains, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
In the relentless pursuit of the greenest, cleanest clean, many consumers have taken to making their homemade cleaners using natural and organic ingredients that they already have around the house. Unsurprisingly, many of these homemade cleaners are just as if not more effective than their store-bought counterparts, while being less expensive and even more environmentally sustainable.
For example, homemade wood conditioners used to polish furniture and clean wooden cabinets and wall panels is incredibly easy and inexpensive to make. And you may be pleasantly surprised to know that you already have many if not all of the natural ingredients already. Here are a few of the most important:
White vinegar
Good old fashioned white vinegar is a powerful, versatile cleaner than can gently removed, dirt, grease, odor, and grime from a number of surfaces, including wood cabinets. A simple mixture of one part warm purified water to one part vinegar should do the trick. Use a damp, soft cloth to gently apply the mixture and removed stubborn grime. For a little aromatherapy, try adding a few drops of your favorite organic essential oil, such as orange, lemon, or lavender.
Olive oil
Olive oil makes an excellent natural wood conditioner and polisher. Rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids, olive oil soaks into the surface of wood and feeds it from the inside out, promoting a rich natural shine and luster. Applying olive oil as a wood conditioner can restore dull-looking cabinets, solid wood furniture, kitchen cutting boards, and any other wooden items around the house. It’s completely chemical free, which makes it safe for children and pets.
Table salt
Although having a “salty” attitude isn’t particularly useful or becoming, salt’s abrasive qualities make it an excellent natural cleaner. When mixed in a paste with plain white vinegar, salt can be used to gently remove stubborn surface stains and stuck on food from cabinets. Simply apply with a soft toothbrush and work into the stain using a gentle but firm circular motion. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and polish with oil.
Making your own natural cleaning products is about as eco-friendly as it gets, and is more sustainable than purchasing store bought goods, even those that are made with natural ingredients. Furthermore, homemade cleaning products, such as natural wood conditioner for cabinet, can get the job done just fine.

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