4 Common Carpentry Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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Carpentry is one of those activities where mistakes can and always happens. It comes with experience and know how. Even the most Skilled carpenters make rookie mistakes or just run into an unexpected pitfall. Maybe you just get fatigued or too excited to finish a project and realize you?ve missed an important component to the project. God forbid, maybe you made a crucial mistake and end up hurting yourself in the process. These things can happen and mostly likely, they will happen to most carpentry professionals. What?s important to know is how to avoid these mistakes that can ruin your projects before they can happen.
Here are some common carpentry mistakes and how to avoid them: Your newly finished drawers do not fit. This is a very common mistake made early and easily undetectable if made in the early stages of a project. Even the most experienced contractors make this mistake at one point in their career but that carpentry. Mistakes happen and like many other this one is easily avoidable if you take proper measurement and build the drawers after you’ve assembled the carcass. Nothing lowers a carpenter’s confidence more than working on a project for hours in the day only to find out it’s not going to work properly. Avoid this crucial mistake with proper planning.
Fuzzy wood surface after sanding.Wood sanding! Sound easy enough doesn?t? Well not always. There are times when sanding a wooden surface might leave a fuzzy effect on the wood that is neither appealing to sight or touch. It?s likely that this is cause by the type of wood that?s being sand but this doesn?t mean that you can?t get quality carpentry from bad wood. You just have to make the right adjustments. If the wood surface get too fuzzy after sanding try starting with a 120-grit but don?t go over a 150-grit paper.
Blotchy or uneven finish.If you?re installing or replacing wooden flooring outdoors you?re going to need a nice oil finish to keep it dry and protects the wood from bad weather. At times that oil finish might get blotchy in certain area due to the pores within the wood receiving more oil than other parts. This is one of those things that is not an easy fix. Once that oil is set on the wood it?s there to stay regardless of whether it’s even or not. The best way to avoid this issue is to use a finish that sits on the surface of the wood rather than getting absorbed in the pores. This way it remains even.
Split wood during cutting.Another very common carpentry problem that many have made, especially if it your first time cutting wood.Unless you?re cutting wood for a firepit, having it split during the process is extremely annoying. Especially if you are a perfectionist and borderline OCD. Split wood usually happens when you cut across the grain of the wood saw and it causes a tear. Avoid this problem by placing a backing board in the back edge of the wood to serve as a tear out board during the cutting process.
With these useful tips in might you are on your way to providing superior custom carpentry services and creating flawless projects. Always remember to be safe around the tools while working on your projects.

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