6 Benefits of Choosing Carpet for Your Floors

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Tile floor patterns

Choosing new flooring for your home can be an overwhelming endeavor, with all the choices available for floor patterns, color, textures, and types it is quite understandable if you’re not completely sure what’s best for you. If you’re under the impression that carpet can’t be installed in pieces like tile or wood, carpeting can also be laid in segments so you still have a variety of options when it comes to floor patterns. There are many benefits to choosing carpet for your floors and to help you narrow the choices down a bit I have listed to top six reasons carpet is the way to go when choosing the type of flooring.

  • Price: If you’re on a budget, carpet is a cheaper alternative in some instances compared to other types of flooring. Most installation experts will agree that carpet and installation prices are less expensive than wood flooring, as well as faster since hardwood must be nailed or glued down.

  • Comfort: Having soft carpet underfoot is much more comfortable to walk on than hard floors and also much warmer. In the winter time wood, tile, or linoleum floors will stay cold and heat will seep out of your home through the floor, while carpet adds a bit more insulation and reduces your heating costs.

  • Noise: Sounds bounce around your home easier when you have hard flooring making noise from another part of the house magnified, which is no good if you have a kid who likes to play drums or watch TV at a high volume. Carpeting helps to muffle sounds making your house quieter and creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

  • Variety: If you had your heart set on lovely, intricate floor design patterns, using tile isn’t the only way to achieve these delightful floor patterns. There are endless pattern design options available to choose from with carpeting, everything from diamond to prints like flowers, so you can get the comfort and the style.

  • Allergies: One of the biggest myths is that carpets increase allergens in your home, but studies have proven the exact opposite to be true. Carpet fibers trap dust and allergens preventing them from moving around the home, allergens sit on the surface of other types of floor covering, only to get stirred up by air flow or inhabitants. For example, when the usage of carpeting decreased in Sweden, allergic reactions in the population increased by 30%.

  • Cleaning: When you have hardwood or tile floors you have to dust mop and sweep every day if you don’t want the bottoms of your feet turning gray from dirt. With carpets you only have to give it a good vacuum a couple times a week and steam clean them every six months or so. There will be much less cleaning involved in having carpet throughout your home compared to any, type of hard flooring so you can spend your free time doing something more enjoyable, which is one of the best benefits of carpet installation.

A Houzz survey says 38% of people plan to install carpeting in the master bedroom and that tile covers 23% of survey participants homes. So you see most people don’t carpet their entire house, especially not the kitchen or bathroom that would likely be a disaster because of all the water involved. Another thing about carpeting is that it helps bring rooms together or separate spaces if you have an open floor plan, you could use carpet to separate an open kitchen from the living area, that way you have a definitive boundary between the two rooms, making the space more pleasing to the eye.

A couple more important points to keep in mind when making your decision about your new flooring, are carpets make your home look and feel cozier and are much less of a hazard than hard alternatives when it comes to slipping. The next step in your new floor installation process will be to choose your floor patterns and textures, which is the best part for some. Just don’t forget the many benefits, health and otherwise, of choosing carpet for your home.

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