Are You Getting a New Kitchen for Christmas?

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Kitchen design nyc
Once all of the company for the holidays have come and gone, you are going to be more excited than ever to put all of the Christmas decorations away. Your husband announced that instead of buying each other gifts this year, he wants to put any of that money toward renovating the kitchen. He has promised that you can pick out the new appliances anytime that you want and he has found both a contractor and an interior designer to help with the plans. It will be far too big to put under the tree, but this should be one of the best gifts ever!
Whether you are looking at modern kitchen cabinets for a renovation or you are looking at custom designed cabinets for a new home that you are building, the selections that you make will be important. In most homes, in fact, the kitchen is one of the most used spaces. Your family likely gathers there for any meals that you eat at home, as well as collapses there at the end of a day at school and a work. From night time snacks with a group of high school friends to an early morning cup of coffee with the neighbor, a kitchen is a home is one of the most popular gathering locations.
Finding the Right Kitchen Appliances Can Help You Add Value and Function to Your Space
Modern kitchen designers can provide their clients with the latest and most popular trends. From finding the best cabinet options to the best flooring options, it is important to make sure that you enjoy the space where you spend so much of your time. If your modern kitchen design is going to include the latest in contemporary kitchen cabinets it is essential that they are built and installed by the best contractors.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the kitchen remodeling industry and the impact that it plays on the nation’s economy:
  • 25% of remodeling spending focused on kitchens and bathrooms in the year 2015, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.
  • Home owners who plan on staying in their homes for more than five years should remodel based on their comforts, according to HGTV recommendations.
  • 35% of the kitchen remodeling monies that home owners will spend will go toward cabinets.
  • Up 8.6% from the year 2015, Harvard University estimated that homeowners would spend $310 billion on remodeling and repairs.
  • 42% of the people who are doing remodeling indicate that white cabinets were the most popular and indicated that they were more likely to choose white over wood.
  • 72% of home owners renovating kitchens indicate that they think stainless steel is their choice of kitchen appliances.
New kitchens are exciting, but they take a lot of planning and working. If you have the opportunity to make a change in the kitchen in your home it is important that you realize that this investment will not only add function, but also value, to your apartment. The most modern kitchen designs present clean, dramatic lines. Are you ready to make that change to the space where you lovingly prepare the meals for your family.

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