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Energy-Efficient Window Treatments: The Benefits Of Temperature Regulation and Insulation

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When it comes to home decoration, beyond furniture, flooring, and walls, windows and window treatments also play a part in aesthetics, and there are many variations of design choice. Most commonly, window treatments – including decorations such as blinds, shades, drapes – fall into two categories: valance and cornice.

What Is A Valance? A Cornice?

A valance is installed at the top of a window on a rod for draperies or installed onto the wall on wood or on brackets. They are short and hang down loosely. A cornice is a hard, shaped window treatment. The difference between a cornice and a valance is that a cornice does not hang loose. The fabric is pulled taut across the top of a window. Beyond style and home decoration, however, it also very important to regulate temperature within the home and save on energy and energy costs.

Potential Benefits Of Window Treatments

Approximately a third of thermal loss within a home is lost through doors and windows, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. However, window treatments may reduce heat loss within a room by up to 10% in the winter. Draperies may reduce the annual energy use of a household by up to 13%, according to the AERC. For those that are medium-colored with white plastic backings, heat may be reduced by up to 33%.

Types Of Energy-Efficient Shades And Shutters

Cellular shades Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades, largely due to constructed cells shaped like honeycombs. They provide insulation between the window and the room and may come either single or double-celled. They are also versatile when it comes to temperature, for both hot and cold climates. In terms of budget, single-cell shades will be cheaper than double-cell – although double-cell shades provide higher levels of insulation. Annually, cellular shades on a single-pane window may save between $280 and $470 in energy costs, according to the AERC – in comparison to less efficient roller shades, which may save up to $180. Plantation shutters Plantation shutters are a very popular shutter style within the warmer regions of the U.S., particularly in states in the south and west. They consist of louvers, angled or flat strips of material hung at intervals that allow for the passage of light and air. They come in three separate materials – composite, vinyl, and wood. Composite shutters are an affordable type of plantation shutter, specifically made of engineered wood, and they are sturdy structures, simultaneously resistant to weather elements and to humidity. Vinyl shutters are cheaper than composites, but they may have structural issues, possibly sagging over time, although they still do provide weather and humidity resistance. Wood shutters may be the best quality material for plantation shutters, since it is the strongest, in relation to weight. They may also be the most versatile aesthetically, since they may be either stained or painted, and they may be styled into custom shutters styles.

Choose Energy-Saving Styles

When investing in window treatments, choose more energy-efficient, better-insulating styles. Not only will they make the home environment more comfortable, in terms of aesthetic and temperature regulation, they will also save on energy expenditure and costs. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from – valance or cornice, different types of shades and shutters – with several functions geared towards hot and cold environments and towards dealing with humidity.

When Is It Time To Replace Your Roof

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Is the roof of your home beginning to concern you? If you’ve lived in your home for fifteen years or more, or in the event you are not sure how old your roof is, calling your roofing contractors for a roof inspection might be the best choice you could possibly make. A roof inspection and roof estimate could save you time and money before the worst takes place and you find yourself faced with a nightmare that isn’t quite as easy a fix than what might have been if you’d been keeping up with roof inspections in the first place. Here are several signs that your roof may need to be looked at sooner rather than later. Roofing contractors should be contacted without hesitation in the event that you see your shingles have started to curl or chip. This means that your roof has seen better days and it is time for replacement. If you do not, then you run the risk of water being able to get into the tiny crevices that have lifted. This could cause a whole host of problems that may effect your living situation in the long run. Be sure to keep an eye out for this problem. Another major issue that can occur is bald spots beginning to take place. If you look at your roof and see that there are spots where no other pieces of shingles are covering anymore this means that your roof needs attention right away and perhaps could use an entire new restructuring. These things happen over time and can be an easy fix depending on your roofing contractors and where the location of the missing tracks are. Another important part of knowing when your roof needs to be replaced is by knowing when it was put on your home. Roofs that are older than 20 years could use the had of replacement in order to assure you that your home is protected from every occasion and not just rain. If your roof has been on your home longer than twenty years your roofing company can help you to decide what is best for your home as well as keeping your wallet in mind. Replacing the roof of your home can be a big deal and a grad decision. However, replacing your roof is a common problem and it will prevent you from having a flood go right through your home. If the structure of your home is in danger it might just be time to put that roof back and claim your area for your own.

Make Smart Renovating Decisions and see a Return on Investment

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Renovating can be one part enjoyment and one part frustrating. It can be costly when mistakes are made, not only by you, but by people you were convinced were good for the job. It happens to the best of us. But, when it is done right, it can have some serious applications for future endeavors, or allow you to play out a dream or idea. You are not the only one considering new flooring or a new home addition design; two-thirds of homeowners are running scenarios through their head, wondering if now is the time for home remodeling.
Let us be clear: do not renovate with the sole purpose of flipping your home. No matter what you do to “improve” your home for resale, chances are the next owners will not even keep your aesthetic. Instead, if you are looking to up the resale value of your home, invest in quality-of-life changes, or even home additions. If that is not what you are doing it for, then th

Your Dryer’s Lint Screen Only Catches 25% Of Lint Reducing Fire Hazards In Your Home With Duct Cleaning

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Home safety is important to every home owner. It’s more than just locking your front door or updating your homeowner insurance, however.

Some of the most serious problems have the smallest of roots. Just take a look at your HVAC system when it starts to show its age. Not only does your air conditioning system have to regulate the temperature of your home, it also has to clear out your air and keep your energy bill as low as possible. That’s a pretty tall order, one that isn’t always achieved when you miss out on essential maintenance. If you feel you’re not getting the full package, take this as a sign to learn more about the benefits of clean floor vents.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a small businessowner, there’s a lot to gain from a simple check-up on your floor vent services.

Let’s first look at the state of heating and cooling in the United States. According to recent estimates two-thirds of all American homes have an HVAC system in pl

All Homes Could Use A Helping Hand The Energy Conservation Benefits Of New Roofing Installation

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Your home is always doing its best to keep itself together. Sometimes you have to give it a helping hand.

When you notice a large crack in your floorboards you address it immediately, keeping your energy bill as low as possible. When you see a pothole in your driveway you call for paving services to prevent damage to your car. Many homes today are finding themselves in need of new roofing installation and it’s not hard to see why. Your roof has a tall order to live up to, protecting you from the elements and keeping your monthly bills as low as possible. When you notice your house feels a little drafty, a home contractor can patch things up.

New roofing installation, custom windows, emergency gutter installation…it’s a lot of work, but more than worth the effort.

Saving Money On Your Energy Bill With New Roofing Installation

Does your energy bill seem a little too high? Continue Reading No Comments

Taking A Closer Look At Some Very Important Tips For Small Home Renovations To Spruce Up Your Home

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If you’re looking to improve the overall quality of your home through a home renovations project, you are certainly not alone. As a matter of fact, more than half of all home owners are actually currently in the process of planning their next home renovations project. And even more home owners out there have perhaps recently completed one. For many people, even a small change in the home or on your property can have a huge difference.
Consider, for instance, your flooring. As your flooring is, of course, quite highly utilized on a daily basis, it can begin to show signs of wear and tear as time passes on. This is normal, and is something that can decrease the overall appearance and even quality of your home. Fortunately, rugs can be used as a stopgap when you need new flooring, as rugs can simply be laid on top of the old flooring. For those who don’t yet have the money to pay for new flooring, rugs are essential.
Even when the money is available, rugs are still likely to be

How to Choose a Bathroom Design You Love

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Remodeling a room in your home is always exciting. You get the chance to start totally fresh and create a space that is suited to your personal tastes. This is especially exciting when it comes to bathroom remodeling, because fancy new tubs and the chance to do away with any old grime or mildew is are both very appealing ideas.
You want to make sure that you create a bathroom design that you will genuinely love. After all, you will most likely be stuck with it once its finished. This is why it’s smart to take your time making decisions and be sure that you’re set on an idea before proceeding with it. Below are some tips on how to make you end up with a bathroom design that you will adore.

Weigh Your Options

When it comes to choosing items like a new tub, sink, or bathroom mirror you want to weigh your options. Don’t go for the first item you see just because it looks nice. Looking into the choices available to you and make sure that you find the one you want the mo

When You Put Down Some Bamboo Flooring

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All buildings will have flooring in them, since everyone needs somewhere to walk and place the furniture. Today, the flooring industry is a robust one, and flooring contractors may work on new buildings under construction or replace older flooring in current building. In North America, such flooring work is most often done with hardwood such as oak and cherry, and this is a time-honored tradition. However, hardwood flooring means a lot of logging of North America’s forests, and this is becoming a concern among many. Therefore, a more renewable source of flooring material is being used: premium bamboo flooring. Different types of bamboo flooring models exist today, and bamboo hardware flooring is becoming a major attraction among American homeowners today. The engineered bamboo flooring pros and cons may be considered before installing such flooring, sin

You Local Plumbing Companies Are Available for Plumbing Repairs Right Away

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Plumbers may be needed for any number of repairs or services from leaks to clogged drains, replacements, or installations. Luckily, plumbers are not necessarily required to make these repairs, especially if a simple issue occurs that you may be able to fix on your own, or if there is something that a friend or relative knows how to handle.

Residential Plumbing Repairs

With the many different places in the home where plumbing systems need repairs or maintenance, it is not necessarily a room that includes running water but maybe just pipes in the ceiling or walls. Plumbing repairs could be needed for leaks or busted pipes can end up causing a great deal of trouble all throughout your home. Too much water making its way into drywall or plaster can lead to mold and other long-term issues that can cause even more expensive repairs needed later. Whether it is the garbage disposal, or

Don’t Hire A Plumber Later, Hire Them Now

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Ever since ancient civilizations, like the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indian, and Chinese, grew in size, plumbing became an integral part of their infrastructure. It provided the need to separate drinking water from waste. And since ancient times, plumbing has evolved–improved–as many inventions typically do as time goes by. This is, in part, thanks to regulations and laws enforcing them; expectations that would have been a PR disaster for Rome if the same laws and regulations were around. However, regardless of how more advanced plumbing is, plumbing has yet evolved to repair itself. Until then, we rely on plumbing services that professionals are certified to fix.
Here is the rub: letting a leak go because you do not want to pay for plumbing services is only going to hurt you more in the end. Let us put it this way, any average home you choose is probably leaking 10,000 gallons of water every single year. To put that into context, an average load of laundry is using about 37 gal