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When Was the Last Time You Updated the Landscaping on Your Property?

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You never imagined that when you had the opportunity to build your first house that you would be dealing with such small details. You were prepared for questions about the finishing touches of selecting drawer and cabinet pulls for the kitchen and the bathroom, but you were totally unprepared for conversations about how small is driveway gravel supposed to be. The front of your house, of course, has a paved driveway leading to the garage, but your husband wants a gravel driveway at the back of the property. And while he is perfectly interested in having conversations about how expensive and how small is driveway gravel, you would rather pay attention to the details that are needed inside the home.
To keep the peace and make sure that you are both getting input, you have made the decision that you will have the final say in the cosmetic decisions that will determine how the inside of the house looks, but that your husband will have final say when it comes to Continue Reading No Comments

Why Bamboo Is The Best Alternative Flooring On The Market

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What Are The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring? Bamboo is a beautiful, elegant finish to any home, not to mention it has a lot of uses from a decorative mantlepiece to add bamboo flooring as a project for all the do-it-yourselfers out there. Sounds exciting, right? But I bet you’re also considering the cost of bamboo flooring. I’m here to reassure you, getting an affordable price tag along with an amazing, long-lasting addition to your home. Still need a reason to change over from hardwood to bamboo flooring? Here are a few.
Bamboo Flooring v. Hardwood Bamboo flooring is a great option if you want an alternative to traditional hardwood floors, bamboo strength is one of the many reasons it’s quickly becoming a popular flooring option. Bamboo is created from natural vegetation, giving bamboo its notable durability and eco-friendly material. But bamboo plants are also a ren

How to Know Your Water Heater Needs to Retire

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Sunday afternoons are peak usage times in your household for water, and thusly the time when your water heater is worked the hardest. Dad is in the kitchen, making one of his weekly, highly involved, made from scratch dinners; Mom has just started the fourth load of laundry for the day; the brothers have teamed up in the basement to give the dogs their weekly bath.
One average, a United States family of four people will use around 400 gallons of water per day. Life will not stop for a broken down water heater, and you should not have to either. Watch out for these things to replace your heater before it’s too late.

  • 1. Your water heater has accumulated rust. Water heaters are predominantly made of steel, which is vulnerable to rust. Depending on the severity of the rust on your water heater and the pipes leading from it to your home’s faucets, you may be soon faced with leaks or sanitary issues with your water as rust flakes enter the tank or pipes from the inside. Rust
  • How to create your dream yard

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    Creating a yard you can be proud of is something that every home owner wants to be able to achieve. Having a luxurious outdoor space to call your own is quite and exciting goal to have and can be attainable with just a few easy steps. You just need to decide what your going to be doing in your yard and how it will improve your life. So what kind of space are you looking to create?
    If you’re a living the family lifestyle you may want to make your oasis into a kid friendly, fun environment with many different features. You can add things like tire swings hanging from gorgeous trees, tree forts up in the tall trees, flower gardens with annuals and perennials to add a splash of color, and all kinds of bushes and shrubs for natural play and great hide and seek spots. Bringing kids back into nature is very important and if you can do this right in your own backyard than take advantage of it.
    If you’re looking to create a tropical hideaway for yourself you can really go all out. Th

    Getting Your Drains Cleared Out

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    Plumbing is one of the essential functions of any modern home, and without an efficient, working system, a household may rack up huge water bills due to leaking water, and leaked water can damage drywall and delicate electrical components in the home. And an older plumbing system may need replacement as a matter of course, since newer pipes and nozzles will be much less prone to damage, rust, leaks, and more, and the newer system may be also more water efficient to meet current standards of saving water as part of the “go green” initiative. Sometimes, maintenance on a plumbing system means fixing a leak or replacing rusted out pipes, and professional drain cleaning is another service that can be called upon, not to mention fixing a water heater leak or using a sewer snake to find the source of clogs.

    Plumbing Basics

    Plumbing for the home and public buildings dates back to the times of ancient Greece, India, China and more, where cities created public baths and needed pota

    Behind The Importance Of Windows In Your Home

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    When you’re a home owner, there are many different things to take care of, all of which are very essential for keeping your home in the condition you’d like it to be, keeping your home safe and enjoyable to live in. Thanks to regular home maintenance, you can help to keep the quality and the overall value of your home as high as you possibly can, even making it easier to sell your home for more money, should you ever decide to move away from it.
    Your windows are an important component of regular home maintenance, as the typical window will only last for a total of twenty years or so, if not even less than that. In fact, old windows that are not replaced can become incredibly drafty. Unfortunately, this is likely to increase your overall heating and cooling costs by as much as twenty five percent, jacking up the amount of money that you pay on energy quite considerably over the course of just one year.
    Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can reduce these costs

    How Moving Was Made Easy

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    When it comes time to move, would you rather have it done cheaply, or done right? Hopefully, this is not a decision that you will have to be making, but if it were, most people agree on the importance of quality every time. Experienced movers are worth every penny, especially when you take into account how well they are willing to take care of their customers. Help with moving is not something you want to take lightly, as the saying goes: better safe than sorry.

    Although a lucky few probably have the means and the time to do it themselves, most people are going to need help with moving, when the time comes. On average, homes are known to contain over 300,000 items. With this vast amount of things to pack and take care of there really is no shame in looking into a moving company to help take some of the stress and worry off of an already emotionally taxing process. With the average 30 year old having already

    How to Save Money by Replacing Windows

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    Did you know that drafty windows can increase energy bills by up to 25%? Home windows that do their job right are a key part to saving money and energy month to month. Not to mention, if they are high quality and well maintained, they can last more than 20 years, which means less money you’re spending on window installation in the future. Now is a great time to reach out to your local window company and see what they can do for you.

    The Downside of Old Windows

    Many older houses that have not had newer windows put in have drafty, rickety windows that let air in and out of the house. If your heat is running, but cold air is coming in and heat is slipping out, your furnace has to work harder to heat the house. The same goes with air conditioning in the summer, but in reverse. If you want to lock heat or cold inside and stop losing energy, new windows can

    Pressure, Heat, And Artificial Demand Learning The Ins And Outs Of Your Compressed Air Piping System

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    When you build a custom garage it’s understandable to keep your eye on the prize.

    From car enthusiasts to intermediate repair shop owners, focusing on your end results can seem like a natural attitude to take toward the equipment you buy. Your revenue, however, will do much better when paired with a cost-effective approach. Saving a few dollars here and a few cents there will add up by the end of the month and mean the difference between a nice investment and a lot of regret. Compressed air distribution systems are one area you can focus on this year, particularly if you’ve noticed you’re not getting the output you expect.

    Keep these tips on hand and your air fittings will be working with you on your goal to save money and work well.

    Compressed Air Systems Are Widespread

    The compressed air distribution system is a standard piece of equipment in any garage shop, custom garage, or auto body repair shop. Today around 70% of all

    Looking At Common Remodeling Projects

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    From spice storage to childproof locks to barn door hardware for furniture, there are many things to consider adding on (or in, as the case might be) to any given kitchen remodeling project that you undertake. And for the typical home owner here in the United States, kitchen remodeling projects are incredibly common, so planning ahead for one is likely to be beneficial – if not now, than at some point down the road.
    In fact, there are more than ten million kitchen remodeling projects undertaken in the United States each and every year, second only behind bathroom remodeling projects (of which there are more than fourteen million, a truly impressive number by any standards). There are many reasons that a home owner might choose to embark on a kitchen remodeling project. For one, the original kitchen that came with the house could be less than satisfactory – perhaps it does not have enough space, or else maybe the appliances are outdated (or all of the above plus more).
    For man