Behind The Importance Of Windows In Your Home

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When you’re a home owner, there are many different things to take care of, all of which are very essential for keeping your home in the condition you’d like it to be, keeping your home safe and enjoyable to live in. Thanks to regular home maintenance, you can help to keep the quality and the overall value of your home as high as you possibly can, even making it easier to sell your home for more money, should you ever decide to move away from it.
Your windows are an important component of regular home maintenance, as the typical window will only last for a total of twenty years or so, if not even less than that. In fact, old windows that are not replaced can become incredibly drafty. Unfortunately, this is likely to increase your overall heating and cooling costs by as much as twenty five percent, jacking up the amount of money that you pay on energy quite considerably over the course of just one year.
Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can reduce these costs. For instance, replacing your old windows with new ones is ideal, especially if you trade out your old windows for energy efficient ones. Even just double pane windows will be able to retain heat and cool air up to twice as well as your typical single pane window would be able to do.
In addition to this, the coverings you choose for your windows are also more important than you think. And with everything from your typical blinds for windows to your motorized window shades, there are many different options out there. Each of these options is likely to have a number of specific benefits (and potential detriments too, of course) so it is hugely important to weight your options as well as your needs when you are selecting various window treatments for the windows that are in need of them throughout your home.
For instance, heavy window draperies are ideal for homes that experience harsh winter conditions. This is due to the fact that they can reduce the amount of heat loss that just one room experiences by as much as ten percent. And while this might not seem like a particularly huge amount, it is certainly and amount of savings that will add up over the course of time to be quite significant. As windows and doors alone often make up as much as one third of a home’s overall thermal loss, the addition of heavy draperies, at least during the winter months, can have a bigger impact than many people realize until they actually see it happen.
In addition to this, many people are interested in motorized blinds for the windows throughout their home. Motorized blinds have primarily become popular because of the convenience that they offer, but motorized blinds can be great for those who have any number of mobility issues as well. For those who are unable to operate traditional non motorized blinds on their own accord, the addition of motorized blinds to their homes can have a profoundly positive impact on the overall level of independence that they are able to achieve. So while the addition of motorized blinds might not seem like that big of a deal to the average person, they can be quite important to other populations throughout the United States and even the world as a whole.
To continue to amp up the heat and cool air protection that your windows offer your home, you might even consider tinting your windows. During the hot summer days and months, having window tinting in place can actually help to reduce the amount of cool air that is lost in your home and the amount of energy that is needed to produce said cool air, as your home will naturally be able to stay cooler, all thanks to the addition of tinted blinds.
All in all, taking care of your windows is a hugely important thing to be able to do, and one that is likely to improve the overall quality of your home too. In total, your windows can have a big impact on the amount of energy your home expends.

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