Choosing the Best Air Piping System and Avoid the Pitfalls

Written by Home Depot Shingles. Posted in Air compressor tubes, Compressed air distribution system, Compressed air piping sizing

Compressor piping
When it comes to choosing the right air compressor piping system, getting it right can make a ton of difference for your business as well as your wallet. When you install the appropriate compressed air pipe, you will avoid the pitfalls of pressure loss, rust, and other problems. Future headaches can be avoided by choosing the right type of piping and the right size, as well. When considering the proper compressed air piping materials, there are a few considerations to pay attention to, and you should always remember to keep first things first. Start by looking at the specifications of your compressor. Your compressor should tell you what the capacity is. This is extremely important when you are considering the size of the piping. Next, consider how far away your compressor is going to be from your equip