To Screen Or Not To Screen: The Pros And Cons Of Pool Screen Enclosures

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According to a 2014 Spring Landscaping Trends study by Houzz, up to 83% of respondents report that their backyard is their ideal entertaining space. However, when the weather takes a turn for the worse, your ideal entertaining space is suddenly off-limits. Or is it?

Screen enclosures for your pool can provide more than a safety barrier against pests and harsh sunlight. They also help provide a protective barrier against wind and rain. This means your ideal entertaining space can stay ideal no matter the weather.

Still on the fence? Consider the following pros and cons of the pool screen enclosures Tampa trusts to help you make your decision.

The Pros Of Pool Screen Enclosures
There are several reasons why pool screen contractors are so popular in Florida. This is because pool screens come with a surprising number of benefits. Just a few of these benefits include:
  • Low maintenance When pool screen contractors install this covering, the maintenance of your pool becomes that much easier. Screen enclosures keep out any debris such as dirt and leaves, so your pool is that much cleaner all year round.

  • More time for swimming As mentioned previously, whether it’s rain or shine, you can be sure to get your swim on regardless of the weather and at any time of day.

  • Strong wind resistance Unsure about getting a pool screen after Hurricane Irma? Don’t be. Pool screen enclosures can withstand winds up to 130 miles an hour.

  • Protection from harsh sunlight Florida is renowned for its warm, sunny glow. Unfortunately, this sunlight can also be harmful to your skin. With a pool screen enclosure, you can help protect your skin from harsh UV rays by preventing direct sun exposure.
The Cons Of Pool Screen Enclosures Pool screen enclosures are an incredible landscaping feat. However, they do come with a few cons.

For instance, when you have your pool screen enclosure set up you won’t be able to include as much landscaping in the rest of your yard. This may not be too much of a con for some homeowners who aren’t as fond of maintaining the lawn. However, for those who are fans of the green areas of their yard, the size of your pool enclosure is something to consider.

Another potential con is that the pool water may be cooler due to the shield against the sun. However, you can use pool heaters to help makethe pool water that much more comfortable.

Pool screen enclosures are great for protecting your pool from pests and extending the life of your entertainment area. For more information on pool enclosures, contact the pool screen contractors of Challenger Pools today.

When to Call a Plumbing Repair Professional

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There are some plumbing situations that even a novice homeowner can address. These include everyday nuisances such as a clogged toilet, mildly leaking fixture, or decreased water pressure caused by mineral build-up. You probably don’t need to scour the internet to find the best plumbing repair professionals to fix any of these situations. But then there are those situations that may seem manageable at first glance but actually, require a plumbing expert to adequately address. The Nose Knows When you can smell water damage it is time to think about calling an experienced plumber. This could come in the form of a smell of something soured in the walls where a leak may have caused mold and mildew to build up in the insulation. A significant stench could also be a warning sign that trouble is brewing in your septic system. By the time water damage or a septic issue is causing your home to have a noticeable smell, the damage is probably already too extensive to fix on your own. Even if it is just a clog somewhere between the home and the septic system or sewer access, it will probably require a plumber to fix. Visible Warning Did you know a home of about 2,000 square feet with only one inch of flood water can cost homeowners as much as $20,000 in repairs. If you return home after a long day and discover your toilet has been overflowing all day or your water heater malfunctioned and flooded the space, it is time to call a plumber. Depending on the time of day you discover the problem you may need the services of an emergency plumbing repair specialist. While the cost of emergency services are slightly higher than that of a typical house call, they can save far more money in the long run. A professional plumber will be able to get the water flow stopped and may have resources to help direct you to the best way to prevent the water damage from worsening. Frozen Pipes Frozen pipes are not merely an inconvenience for the duration of the time for which they are frozen. The process of freezing can cause significant damage to the pipes and even more damage to your home once they begin to thaw. If the freeze is bad enough they can crack or even burst. It can be almost impossible to fix this issue yourself as many pipes are located beneath the home or in the walls of the house. An experienced plumbing repair professional can use specialized equipment to locate cracks and breaks without unnecessarily destroying the walls or flooring of your home and may be able to prevent significant water damage. Many people worry that it will be impossible to find a plumber who will provide affordable plumbing work. However, many of the situations outlined above have affordable remedies when they are handled by those with the expertise and equipment necessary to perform the work efficiently.