Do Not Build Your Business or Vacation Plans on Sinking Sand!

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Ground protection mat
It is difficult to know what will come from the results of the Presidential Election of 2016. And while many people fear the uncertainty of the Trump presidency, others are hopeful that positive changes will happen in the nation. Among the many industries that are hoping to see some real progress in the next four years are the road construction companies and other infrastructure contractors.
As the nation prepares to embark upon a presidential term unlike any in its history, many advisers and experts are suggesting that a way the new administration can add a lot of jobs and fuel the economy is by introducing a program that would completely overhaul the road, bridges, and highways in America. Everyone from steel crane pad manufacturers to cement contractors are hoping that their businesses could see a major boost to their industries.
In an attempt to focus on something positive after the November 8 election, the road and bridge construction industry hopes that they can find a way profit from these uncertain times.
Crane Pads Are Used for a Variety of Reasons in a Variety of Environments
From small campgrounds throughout the country to large scale construction plans through the wetlands of Florida and Louisiana, crane pads are an essential part of helping vacationing families and construction crews be successful. The sturdy, flat, and level surface that can be provided for a small family camper or the larger and even more durable stabilizer pads for cranes allow campers and construction crews alike to approach jobs on a level playing filed.
Recreational Vehicles Depend on Even Surfaces. Anyone who vacations with a small camper or large recreational vehicle understands the need for a flat surface. And while it may seem that a concrete pad may be the best option for camping grounds, many site providers realize that a heavy and sturdy RV jack pad is more dependable.
According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, approximately 8.9 million households own an RV, and as this number continues to grow, campsite owners understand that they have to provide the best camping surfaces if they want to attract a full campground of vacationers. Pads that were first designed for large cranes and other pieces of construction equipment can serve as a reliable level surface for campers with vehicles of all sizes and weights.
Party and Event Sites Often Require Stable Surfaces. From dance floors to level surfaces for vendors, many events would benefit from the use of large ground protection mats. Eliminating the problem of muddy venues and uneven grounds that can lead to injury is one way that event planners can improve the venues for their events. When large asphalt or concrete surfaces are not available, a large sturdy surface can help you make sure that you will be able to provide a venue that is both safe and functional.
Construction Crews Rely on Stable Surfaces for Safety. In America, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that cranes must be assembled on ground that is firm, drained and sufficiently graded. This is achieved by working with supporting materials, like blocking, cribbing, pads, and mats to provide adequate support and levelness.
Additionally, these outrigger blocking or cribbing mats and surfaces must have sufficient strength to prevent crushing, bending, or shear failure. For this to happen, these surfaces are required to be constructed of products that provide prescribed thickness, width, and length. By following these tested guidelines, workers are safer and projects are more successful because the base surfaces can support the float, transmit the load to the supporting surface, and prevent shifting, toppling or excessive settlement under even the heaviest load.
Crane Pads Provide Level Surfaces for Parties, RVs, and Construction Crews
American is in transition. A transition from a Democratic presidential administration to a Republican administration. A transition from career politicians to leader who has never served as an elected official. And while much of the next four years are uncertain, many hope that the new President-elect will start with the much needed construction and redesign of the country’s infrastructure. If this happens, the same crane pads that are used at campgrounds and event sites will be needed to provide level and sturdy surfaces for large cranes and other pieces of construction machinery.

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