Essential Winter Tree Care Tips

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Trees are extremely beneficial to both planet earth and humanity. Not only do they improve our air quality, but they can literally dictate our moods with the oxygen they provide. And for homeowners, trees can be beneficial in unexpected ways. In fact, the presence of trees in a yard or front lawn can reduce the incidence of noise pollution by a whopping 40% while reducing heating costs by as much as 15%. And while that number seems small, it can equal to a whole lot of savings.
But during the winter, trees are vulnerable to a smattering of damage from heavy snow, winds, and plummeting temperatures. Because of this, practicing proper tree care is extremely important.
To get you started, here are some vital winter tree maintenance tips. These winter tree care tips will have your yard’s trees looking beautiful, healthy, and better than ever come springtime.
Practice Prevention Ever go outside with wet hair during a snowstorm and immediately catch a cold? Well me neither, but if you did that’s likely what would happen. Trees are the same way. During the winter, unprotected trees are vulnerable to rotting, decay and myriad of other problems. These are trees that have internal decay, are the victim of botchy pruning practices, or roots that have been cut too close to the trunk.
Pruning is still Important Trimming trees is essential to help cultivate a strong and healthy tree infrastructure. Tree care specialists recommend pruning your trees once per year during their dormant season. But don’t forget to trim carefully, as over-pruning can make your tree worse off than it was before.
Much Mulch Mulch is a kind of blanket for trees. During the winter, trees — particularly young shrubs — are susceptible to damage during freezing temperatures. In order to provide protection, it is helpful to place three to four inches of mulch and dry leaves around the base of trees. Like a snuggly blanket, mulch keeps trees snuggly and warm and alive throughout the cold winter season.
While the cold season may be harsh, spring will be here before you know it. In the meantime, take care of your shrubs — young and old — and you will reap their benefits for years to come. Remember: healthy trees are happy trees!

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