Exploring All the Reasons Why Custom Wood Cabinets Cost More, Look Better, and Are Made Stronger Than Stock Cabinets

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Are you considering a home remodeling or renovation project? If so, you’re not alone. The home remodeling and renovation industries have seen a resurgence in business as the real estate market began to recover — and eventually thrive — after the devastation of the economic Great Recession occurring in the mid 2000s. Though many Americans are buying and selling homes just as fast — if not faster — as they were pre-Recession, a large number are also choosing renovation of their existing home over relocation to an entirely new one.
Even if homeowners are choosing to stay and renovate and have no plans on selling their home in the near future, it’s no secret that renovating a home, especially the kitchen, can significantly increase it’s equity and overall value. Generally speaking, majority of home renovation and remodeling projects take place in the bathroom or kitchen — the two areas of the home that experience the most frequent use. Renovating both or either one of these rooms can add significant value to home in order to make it more appealing and marketable. Not only that, but kitchen and bath renovations also make the space more functional and more aesthetically pleasing. Now that’s a win-win situation!
A large part of any kitchen or bathroom home remodeling or renovation project is the cabinetry. Bath and kitchen cabinets serve very important roles in terms of the overall aesthetics and function of a space. They can make kitchen or bathroom look better, easier to use, safer, and more organized. But when it comes to options for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the only option is custom cabinetry in terms of style, function, value, and craftsmanship.
Custom wood cabinets cost more than the cookie cutter variety, but that’s because they last longer, look better, are made better, and overall provide more bang for all that buck. Don’t let custom wood cabinets costs be a deterring factor in terms of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Although the price may seem high, custom wood cabinets costs are well worth their weight in gold in terms of long term value!
Take a look at all these reasons why custom wood cabinets costs are worth their price ten times over!
There is no limit
Unlike factory made cabinets, custom wood cabinets are — as their name implies — highly customizable. That means you as the homeowner have the pleasure of choosing exactly what material, finish, color, size and hardware that best suites your likes and the needs of the space. Semi-custom or stock cabinetry have no such options and what you see in terms of material, color, size, and hardware is what you get for the most part. With custom cabinetry on the other hand, the sky is limit when it comes to your options and how you choose to express your personal style and taste.
No such thing as wasted space
Wasted space in a kitchen is a homeowner’s worst nightmare because wasted space is wasted money. With custom wood cabinets costs, it’s also important to keep in mind that they can actually save you money by utilizing all the space your kitchen or bathroom has to offer in the most efficient and effective ways possible. For example, once the soffits are removed from stock cabinetry, what are you going to do with all that space? Remember, wasting it will only waste your hard earned money! The best way to utilize that space, make your kitchen more functional and easier to use, and save money is to have tall, custom cabinetry installed.
Unparalled craftsmanship
Whether it’s your mom’s chicken soup, your dad’s grilled steak, or own homemade salad dressing, the quality and attention to detail of anything that is custom made far exceeds anything that is made in a factory on a large scale. Custom wood cabinetry is no different! With cabinets being one of the most important aspects of a kitchen or bathroom second to appliances, homeowners can’t afford to skimp and choose less expensive, poorly made options, especially if they intend on selling the home in the future.

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