Find Out the Difference a Coat of Paint Can Make

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Commercial painting
Appearances really do matter — as much as we might not like to admit it, it’s easy to ride or walk down a block and notice the houses that need a new coat of paint or that could be easily spruced up with a new paint job. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for houses and fences, including boosting curbside appeal, which in turn can drive up resale value. A painting contractor can make that happen in one easy and fell swoop — all you have to do is describe what you need done, what your budget is, and work out good hours and days for the job to be completed. But forget the scrubbing or powerwashing that might have to be done beforehand and then slaving over a roller or paintbrush for the next week with a painting contractor! Below you’ll find some useful tips for both internal painting services and external painting, as well as tips for finding painting contractors and a reliable contractor you can trust!
How Do the Pros Make It Happen? With over 300,000 people employed as either professional painters or painting contractors, there’s a wealth of knowledge available. Even more incredible, between 2012 and 2022, the employment rate is expected to grow 20%! Clearly, the demand is out there.
Professional painters will take the utmost care with each step of the project and may even introduce aspects like powerwashing or sandblasting to ensure that you have the best finished product possible. Powerwashing lets them have a totally clean and debris free surface to work with, so that bumps, gaps, or other imperfections made from crusted on dirt, debris, and other material aren’t on the surface they’re painting. A good sandblasting will help level everything, like spackle or joint-compound patches. It’ll also help flatten any ridges that have formed around nail holes. This is especially important for doing exterior painting, which often requires extensive prep to make sure that the paint job lasts for awhile. Painters might have to get rid of any paint that’s flaking and do a caulking and priming job before even painting to make sure the finish and paint job is quality. Caulking can also help fill gaps and keep out drafts during the cooler months. The trim will also look much improved! Professionals may also use tinted primer to cover the original paint color, since it covers up old paint better than plain primer. The end result is a more vibrant color and fewer coats of paint used overall.
How Can I Find The Right Painting Contractors? Whether you need commercial painters or an exterior painter for your home, it’s important to make sure you’re evaluating all the options available to you. You want the inside and outside of your home to look as polished and beautiful as possible and paint can play an important role in that. You’ll want to see how much experience they have — are there customer reviews available? Even if they’re a new business, how much hands-on experience have they had previously in a self-employed function or under another company?
How much are they willing to prep before they start the job? Will they cut corners? Have a checklist ready of things they should do before starting the paint job and quiz them a little when you interview them. Even if one company has a better rate than others, if they’re not following the proper steps, it could be a waste of money in the long run because their job won’t last as long as a quality paint job.
Make sure they give you a formal estimate so you can compare with other companies — and also so you can estimate how much you should logically be putting aside for the project. You should compare at least three different businesses to make sure you’re getting a good scope for the cost of the project.
Give your house its best foot forward with a fresh coat of paint. A new paint job can liven up an interior room or bring new life to an older house with a good clean coat of paint on the outside.

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