Five Things You’ll Need for Your DIY Duct Cleaning Project

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If your HVAC system runs all day during the winter and summer months to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, then you’ll want to make sure ducts and vents stay clean. When they are not properly maintained, they can blow dust, dirt, and allergens into your home, preventing the air from staying clean and making breathing easily a chore. Fortunately, air duct cleaning do it yourself projects are relatively easy, and a good way to save money. According to HomeAdvisor, the average American will spend just under $450, and much more if they need extensive services from duct cleaning companies, when they clean their ducts. On the flip side though, DIY air duct cleaning, is cheap, easy, and only requires a bit of free time on the weekend. Plus, the tools needed are readily available and easy to use.
  • Hand Gloves
  • You’ll want to wear gloves not just for keeping dirt and grime off of your hands, but for making sure that you don’t get any cuts. There are lots of sharp edges inside ducts, and because you might not be able to see exactly where you are putting your hands, having a bit of protection is always smart.
  • A Screw Driver
  • Huh? Screw drivers might not seem like an ordinary cleaning tool, but they are important for air duct cleaning do it yourself tasks. Taking the register or filter off of ducts has to be the first step, and you can’t do that without a hardy screw driver.
  • Old Rags or Cloth
  • In the same way that you’ll need them to get rid of dust on a table or entertainment center, worn out shirts or rags are perfect for wiping dust and dirt out of vents. Usually, you won’t even have to go any further than the bottom of a drawer to find them either.
  • Household Cleaners
  • No ductwork cleaning, is complete without getting rid of germs and bacteria. There are lots of different products that can be used in a home to get rid of them, and using them inside of ducts is a must for getting them as clean as possible.
  • A Vacuum With a Long Hose
  • It is hard to get every inch of a duct on your own, in fact, it can be nearly impossible. Vacuums can suck out dust and dirt and, if they have a long hose, they can help reach a few extra inches into a system for a thorough cleaning. As a result, they are a vital tool for complete air duct cleaning do it yourself projects. Air duct cleaning is hardly ever fun, and most homeowners don’t want to spend a free weekend in the dust and dirt that collects in their air ducts. However, a little DIY project is a great way to save some cash and make sure the air in your home stays clear. Good references here.

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