Getting Your Drains Cleared Out

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Plumbing is one of the essential functions of any modern home, and without an efficient, working system, a household may rack up huge water bills due to leaking water, and leaked water can damage drywall and delicate electrical components in the home. And an older plumbing system may need replacement as a matter of course, since newer pipes and nozzles will be much less prone to damage, rust, leaks, and more, and the newer system may be also more water efficient to meet current standards of saving water as part of the “go green” initiative. Sometimes, maintenance on a plumbing system means fixing a leak or replacing rusted out pipes, and professional drain cleaning is another service that can be called upon, not to mention fixing a water heater leak or using a sewer snake to find the source of clogs.

Plumbing Basics

Plumbing for the home and public buildings dates back to the times of ancient Greece, India, China and more, where cities created public baths and needed potable water and drainage for everyday waste for many people. Sewers today make use of PVC pipes and metal to contain leaks and keep water and waste flowing, but sometimes, these systems may get clogged or wear out, or worse, leak. Leaks can cost a lot of money for the household; in fact, a faucet that leaks one drop per second will waste a staggering 3,000 gallons per year, and on average, a household’s leaks add up to over 10,000 gallons of wasted water per year. That is enough water for 270 laundry loads, and the water bill will reflect that. By contrast, fixing easily corrected leaks in the home can save about 10% on a homeowner’s water bills.
There is plenty of business where plumbing and sewer maintenance are concerned. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that by the year 2022, a hiring spurt of 21.3% for plumbers can be expected, and that means about 82,300 new jobs. These jobs will mainly be taken my men, statistically speaking; women make up a small minority of plumbers and related trades, representing 1.1% of the work force. This could potentially change in the future, however, and plenty of plumbers will be needed, since any home or public building needs functioning sewers and peak-proof utilities. What problems may arise, and how can they be fixed? Professional drain cleaning is just the start.

Fixing the Sewers and Pipes

In the past, tree root intrusions were the most common problem for underground sewer lines, where roots would break into the joints of sewers. Nowadays, gradual wear and tear is a more common problem, and sewers can rust or wear thin in places and end up leaking a lot of materials. Accidents in construction or other projects may also damage sewers and rupture their pipes, big or small. In the home and public buildings, faucets, showers, washing machines, and more can start leaking and waste water, or may break entirely. What is more, clogs can be a serious issue. Often, the culprit is flushing the wrong materials down the toilet, such as baby diapers, tobacco, moisturized hand wipes, and more, and these materials, which fail to break down the way toilet paper would, build up in the system and can block off some of its pipes. Water backing up is just the start; the pressure may rupture pipes and cause serious damage, and all this can shut down a home’s utilities. Sewer repair will be an immediate need, and a plumbing service must be contacted to do professional drain cleaning.
Professional drain cleaning will involve a homeowner looking up local plumbing companies and contacting them, comparing their rates, the crew members’ experience and tools, and customer reviews. As with most services, plumbing companies should provide a client with the contact information for previous customers so customer reviews can be obtained. A homeowner can then choose the right plumber for the job, and a professional will be sent out. And drain clearing is not the only service they provide; plumbers may also repair leaking pipes in the walls, and help with water heater installation. Water heaters can wear out or leak, or get clogged up with sediments over the years and lose their water carrying capacity.

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