Here’s How You Can Add Value to Your Home With Little Effort

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Residential lighting design
Homes that feature landscaping can have a 14% increase in resale value. Landscaping can be undertaken by adding trees, pathways, step lights, and plants. The key is to add new features in a way that creates a feeling of harmony. It might be best to seek out a professional landscaper to assist you with planning an intensive yard remodel. But if that is not on your agenda, here are a few tips on adding landscape lighting to your home.

Beautiful, Tasteful Exterior Lighting Requires Some Planning.

Your home is more than the actual structure; the yard has quite a bit of potential. A well-landscaped yard can add value to the resale price of any home. It is inadvisable to simply buy a couple of step lights and place them just anywhere on your lawn though. The goal is not to make the lawn look as it does during the day by placing too many lights, but by cleverly highlighting key areas to create a contrast by a spotlight effect.
Where to Place Landscape Lighting.
If step lights need to be placed to create a spotlight, you’ll need to decide what you would like to highlight. This can be accomplished by taking an honest appraisal of your lawn. What are your favorite features? It might be a rock formation, or a flower bush, or decorative trim on the house that catches your eye.
The common areas to place landscape lights are the walkways, near plants, and along detailed architecture. Simply lining up a row of step lights next to the walkway is not enough to create a visually interesting landscape. So when placing the lights, do so at night to see instantly the effect you are creating.
Don’t Let Landscape Lighting Drive Up Your Energy Bill.
All of these extra lights can add to your energy usage if you choose the wrong bulbs. It is generally recommended that homeowner’s choose energy efficient lighting options such as LED bulbs. If you think this option will result in a cold light, don’t worry. LED lights vary in color depending on their kilo wattage. For a warm yellow light, use bulbs in the 2700-2900k range. Basic white light is from bulbs in the 3000-4100k range. Blue-white light can be obtained with 4200-6500k bulbs.
If a major remodel is out of the question, consider adding in some strategic lights to highlight the best features. To do this, you’ll need to examine your yard and make note of the areas you would like to draw attention to, such as the walkways and fauna. Next, choose the brightness of the lights to be placed. Finally, place the lights at night so that you can make adjustments immediately. When you are finished, you will have a lovely home that is clear to anyone on even the darkest nights, and that will reflect in the resale price too.

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