How Efficient Is Your HVAC Unit? Hire an HVAC Contractor to Inspect Your System

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As spring approaches, you may be looking forward to leaving your windows open to let in some fresh air. Once the weather grows hot and muggy, however, you’re going to want to turn on your air conditioner. Since you probably haven’t used your air conditioning system for a while, it’s a good idea to have it inspected.
How efficient was your air conditioning system the last time you used it? Have you been scheduling regular routine maintenance? If your air conditioning system didn’t provide sufficient cool air, then it probably needs to be repaired. It’s also possible that it wasn’t properly installed.
Were you aware that when heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems aren’t installed properly, their efficiency can be decreased up to 30% or more? Furthermore, in order to ensure that it is working optimally, your HVAC system should be inspected a minimum of twice a year. Experts recommend that you should have your system inspected in the spring and the fall.
If your cooling system has broken down, then you’ll want to have a new air conditioner installed. At this time, it would be a good idea to consider having a high-efficiency air conditioner installation. These advanced systems can reduce the energy expended by your air-conditioning unit by 20% to 50%.
While two-thirds of homes have air conditioners, you may want to have your heating and cooling system combined in a single unit. When you also choose a high-efficiency HVAC unit installation, this, too, can reduce your energy consumption.
There are other measures you can take to reduce your energy consumption. These include making sure that your attic is properly insulated and that you take other measures to reduce drafts.
Were you aware that you can lose up to 25% of the heat generated by your HVAC unit when you have small cracks and holes throughout your house? When it’s hot outside, the cool air can also escape through these cracks and holes. The result? An uncomfortable environment and higher energy bills.
Once the weather turns hot and you discover your HVAC system isn’t working properly or has suddenly broken down, it’s important to know that you can contact an emergency air conditioning service. When an HVAC contractor comes to your home, be sure to ask when they recommend you have your next maintenance appointment, too.

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