How to Always Keep a Clean Bathroom

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Unexpected guests show up on your doorstep. You smile warmly and invite them in but inside, you are panicking. The kids’ room is a disaster area, you haven’t touched the bathroom since the whole family was in and out of it this morning plus you’re pretty sure last night’s dinner dishes are attracting flies in the kitchen sink. You show them to the living room, which thankfully hasn’t been hit by a tornado yet and offer drinks. They accept which gives you about three minutes to run like a madman and throw everything out of place into cabinets and closets and under beds. Beautiful custom bathroom vanities and hand carved wardrobes become hiding places for the clutter.
Ever had an experience like this? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Everyone think that smaller houses are easier to keep clean but it’s not true. The smaller the house, the quicker it gets cluttered up. One pair of shoes or a few toys could make the place seem way out of sorts. But then again, bigger houses just mean more room for more mess. It’s a never ending cycle. Bathrooms particularly are a sore spot. They’re fairly quick and easy to clean but they seem to get cluttered up and dirty so quickly. If you feel like you are cleaning your bathroom every single day then this may be the answer you’re looking for.
Organization Keeping the bathroom organized is the first step to keeping it cleaner all the way around. Here are a few tips for doing just that:
  1. Shower Caddies- Metal shower holders are pretty and classy looking but the rust up fairly quick. Pretty much any other material will work better. You want your holder to hang from the shower head or attach to the wall. Baskets that sit on the shower or tub floor will end up leaving rings or getting knocked over.

  2. See Through Bins- This is for under your sink or those custom bathroom vanities mentioned above. Having tubs that can stack on top of each other make things a lot more organized inside your custom bathroom vanities. If they are see through, it makes it that much easier to determine where the item is that you need.

  3. Label Gun- A digital label gun can print off tags for the bins and whatever else so you just have to read that to see what’s inside.

  4. Cleaning Caddie- Whether it’s inside your cabinet or behind the toilet, have a small basket with the supplies you need to clean the bathroom. This will encourage you to surface clean more often, making deep cleans less necessary.
Cleaning Speaking of cleaning, this is really how it should be done and how often:
  1. Deep Cleaning
    • Bleaching the tub and shower.
    • Using a pumice on the toilet.
    • Scrubbing tile grout.
    • Removing soap scum.
    • De-calcifying faucets.
  2. All of these things should be done during deep cleaning. If you keep up with surface cleaning, you may only have to do a good deep clean once a month or so.
  3. Surface Cleaning Here is what surface cleaning consists of:
    • Wiping down surfaces of counters, custom bathroom vanities, toilets, tubs and anything else with disinfectant wipes.
    • Giving the inside of the toilet a little scrub with toilet bowl cleaner and the brush.
    • Sweep and mop floors.
  4. That’s it. Shouldn’t take you more than five minutes even if you wipe down the mirrors as well. If you are going to follow this idea, then you need to do the wipe down part of the surface clean every day. That part literally takes less than a minute, though, so who doesn’t have one minute to spare?
    If you can follow these organization and cleaning tips, keeping your bathroom together will be a lot easier and then you only have to close the kids bedroom door and throw the dishes in the dishwasher when those surprising guests show up at your house one day. Unexpected guests really don’t have to go anywhere besides the living room and the bathroom anyway, so those are the main rooms that you want to keep clean anyway. And don’t worry, everyone closes doors and makes believe that they have a perfectly clean house from time to time. Especially when you have children, sometimes your mind is the only place that you can have a clean home.

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