How to Give Your Bathroom a Total Makeover

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Bathtub repair
You’d like to make the bathroom your own private retreat, where you can soak away your cares and worries, relax and recharge. You’ve seen the ads and how-to articles that tempt you to fill up the tub with scented water, grab a book and a glass of wine and even a bath pillow, and take some time off or yourself. But the unfortunate reality is that your old, chipped and discolored bath tub isn’t quite up to creating the home spa you dream of. At least, not yet. But with some very minor bathtub repair and re-enameling, you can get a gleaming new surface and even new colors. The best part is that you won’t have to break the bank to pay for the bathtub refinish, as it is surprisingly affordable.

Do you need a new bathtub?
Cracked and chipped surfaces in the bathroom, whether in the tub or tiles, act as a magnet and breeding ground for dirt and germs. Add in moisture and you’ve got the ideal conditions for mold. Your bathroom may be on the way to becoming a health hazard in its own right. If your bathtub is in such a dire condition, it’s time for bathtub repair.
And besides, a dirty, cracked, and chipped bathtub is a sorry sight, not at all the inviting spa-like experience of your imagination. Or you may just hate the appearance of your 70s-style bathroom. Those colors and designs are best left to the cultural historians to sort out. Bathtub repair is also your chance for a bathroom makeover.

Refinish or replace?
So you’re ready for a change. But before you begin losing sleep over the cost of replacing your bathtub and other fixtures, consider the advantages of refinishing your bathtub as opposed to replacing it. It’s by far the cheaper option and the results are every bit as good.
When you refinish your bathtub, you can pick your color. This is your opportunity to redo your bathroom decor, and bring in those tropical or undersea motifs you love so much. Or you may prefer a polar motif, with penguins and polar bears. A little chilly for us, but it’s your bathroom, you get to choose.
But whatever style you pick, refinishing your bathtub is a simple and easy way to make your bathroom a healthy, clean and inviting place again. As a bonus, reglazed bathtubs are actually easier to clean than new ones.

But how long will it take?
Not only is it cheaper to reglaze your bathtub than to buy and install a completely new one, it is also much quicker. And there’s less mess, less time that you have to live and function without access to an important part of your house.
It takes only about three to four hours to reglaze a bathtub and the glaze needs about 24 hours to dry, or cure as the professionals call it. At the same time, chips and cracks are repaired using polyester putty like Bondo. Bathtub repair is a straightforward job, that produces astonishing and lasting results.

A properly reglazed bathtub is good for another ten years. Professional bathtub installers will use the finest materials available to refinish your bathtub. They’ll fix the stray chipped or missing tiles. With proper care, your bathtub repair will last for many long years. So go ahead with your plans for a home spa, and don’t forget the rose petals.

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