Important Tips for Installing and Maintaining Your Sump Pump

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Americans use, on average, 100 gallons of water per day. If you think about how much water that is in a year, it?s an incredible amount. It?s no surprise that people often tend to live in areas where water is easy to come by — we?ve seen enough reports of drought in California to know what the flip side can be.
With water more present, though, can come issues with water getting into basements. If you live in an area that requires a sump pump, you?re likely familiar with all the issues that can come along with them. Here?s a few important tips on maintaining your sump pump that you should keep in mind.
Inspect Your Sump Pump Regularly.
You should check the discharge line to see if it?s either frozen or stopped up. Part of a sump pump is the float component; you want to make sure that this piece is unobstructed, and can float easily. The inlet screen should be checked and cleaned of debris if necessary several times a year. Regular inspections can help avoid preventable basement flooding.
Test the Pump
How can you test a sump pump? It?s easier than you might think. Take a bucket of water, and pour this into the pit. This causes the float to rise, which then gets your sump pump to start working. If this doesn?t happen, double check that the unit is plugged in before calling a well digging/sump pump expert. If it does work, double check outside — is the water being discharged away from your home?
Sump Pump Installation Will County Residents Need
If you don?t have a sump pump yet, but think you may need one, it can be a big job. It typically involves removing a two foot wide section of concrete and soil from your basement, and then filling in this area with gravel, drain tiles, the pit, and of course the sump pump. Basement sump pump installation can be expensive — often costing up to $4,000 — for many homeowners, though, the price is worth it. It can prevent basement flooding, which often costs homeowners thousands of dollars, and allows homeowners to increase the living space of their home by many square feet.
What experience do you have with water tanks and sump pumps? Would you recommend having a professional install one? Let us know! Find out more about this topic here.

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