Is Your Home Properly Equipped with a Functioning Fire Extinguisher?

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Fires in the southern midwest and fires to the north in Canada again have many Americans rethinking the fire safety plans they have in place in their homes, schools, and places of business. Although the fires in Kansas were part of a controlled burn, the massive amounts of smoke from those flames disrupted the lives of residents hundreds of miles away. And though the Canadian wildfires that have caused at least one entire town to evacuate did not begin indoors, those massive flames make everyone think about the preparations they have in place for both fire safety and fire evacuation.
One thing that many home owners could do to make sure that their family is safe from fire is to install fire extinguishers. If fire extinguishers are already in place, it is important that proper fire extinguisher servicing is scheduled. Simply hanging an extinguisher on the wall next to the door that leads to the garage is not reliable fire protection. In fact, after 18 years of non use and improper fire extinguisher servicing guidelines, a home owner may be frightened to find out that the device is far less effective than it should be.
A simple trip to a fire extinguisher inspections location can tell you whether or not you need a simple fire extinguisher recharge or a replacement. In fact, the best fire safety information indicates that in high heat areas like commercial kitchens, automatic extinguishing systems should be both inspected and serviced every six months. It goes without saying that in the case of restaurant or other public location that these inspection must be performed by a qualified contractor.
A fire extinguisher service call could help prevent the damage caused by the 57% of restaurant fires that involve cooking equipment. A properly functioning and installed extinguisher can make a quick end to a small cooking fire that could get out of hand. All hired personnel need to know where available extinguishers are located and be formally trained in how they should be used. A study of some 2,000 fire incidents indicated that portable fire extinguishers were able to successfully extinguish more than 80% of those fires.

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