Jackson Hole Real Estate for A New Start

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It is interesting to note that Wyoming was named Bloomberg’s Best Places to do Business for seven years running if you are starting a business up in the state. Jackson Hole real estate companies will show you the Jackson hole property for sale in the area. When you are looking at the Jackson hole land for sale, make sure you get the agent to tell you about the largest sources of revenue in Wyoming. Since the sources are mineral extraction and tourism residents and businesses share in the benefits of having the lowest tax burden in the entire country. Jackson Hole homes for sale and Jackson Hole real estate properties are within easy distance of the National Elk Refuge, located just outside of the town of Jackson. This is the largest elk preserve in North America with up to 90,000 elk staying there in the winter. Wyoming also boasts over 60 species of mammals, over 100 of birds, and a half a dozen species of game fish in their Jackson Hole, Yellowstone area. Jackson Hole realtors can tell you about Bill Briggs being the first person to ski down the Grand Teton in 1971. The mountain is 13,772 feet, in April 2009; Briggs was inducted into the National Sky Hall of Fame for that feat and others. Jackson WY real estate is within easy distance of the Grand Teton, Yellowstone and elk refuge areas. From starting a new life in wide open country to starting a new business in a low tax zone Jackson Hole real estate is the place to go to so you can get the property to get you started. Find more: www.jhsir.com

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