Lighting Fixtures Add Both Beauty and Safety to Many Spaces

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When your husband announced that he had purchased some replacement lamps on the internet you simply nodded and smiled. He was always, it seemed, finding some new treasure that he was certain he could not live without. When he asked you to come to the basement and see his installation of the replacement lamps, however, you had to admit that you were impressed. With an unfinished basement, the area has always been a place where you and the girls worked on crafts or enjoyed watching a movie where it was cool in the summer. To be honest, though, the space was always a little dark. Even though it was a walk out basement, there were many times during the day when the space simply felt like it needed more light.
The LED flood lights were the perfect solution. When they are turned off during the brightest time during the day they look like any normal strip light. When they are turned on, however, they add a great overall task light that makes every part of the basement more productive. The lights were such a big improvement, in fact, that he ordered a couple of more so that the parking garage lighting would be better. When you are coming home late at night it used to feel a little scary with the plain single bulbs used to light the space. The new replacement lamps make the garage seem like a welcome environment, even when you have to make a late night trip to the car for something that you forgot.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the lighting industry and the impact that it has not only on homes, businesses and public spaces, but on the nation’s economy as well:
  • In the late 1890s, Nikola Tesla was the first to demonstrate induction lighting.
  • With 60, 70, or more lumens per watt, induction lighting has a very high efficacy rating.
  • Providing up to 85% more light output, LEDs use only 15% of the energy a standard halogen light uses.
  • LED lighting has the potential to reduce U.S. energy usage by nearly 50%, according to US Department of Energy predictions.
  • 22% of all electricity generated in the U.S. is used for lighting, according to Department of Energy statistics reports.
  • Lighting accounts for about 18% of use in commercial buildings, and 11% of energy use in residential buildings.
Whether you want to make a basement or a garage more functional or you are looking for a way to create more visual drama in your dining room, a new light fixture might just be the perfect solution.

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