Looking At The Importance Of Home Decor In The United States

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Home decor is an important pursuit for just about everyone here in the United States, whether they own a home or instead rent one – or even if they just rent an apartment. After all, this is something that can be clearly seen by the fact that the industry of interior design generates as much as $10 billion on a yearly basis here in the United States alone. Hiring an interior design professional, after all, can be well worth the money for the high quality results it is able to produce.
And if your home decor has not been updated in a good while, it might just be time to think of doing so, as many an interior design professional recommends that at least some aspects of the typical home decor be updated at least once for every five years that pass. If this is not able to occur every five years, it should at least be occurring every ten, though up to nearly 10% of all people here in the United States have not updated their home decor in at least a decade, if not even longer than that. But more and more people are looking to take on the challenge of updating home decor, with nearly half of the total population of the United States making plans to do just that in the years that are to come, if not even sooner.
When you’re looking into home decor, you’ll want to consider a number of factors. For one thing, you’ll want to keep your home as fresh looking and as modern as is possible, in order to keep it from feeling outdated. For many people, this will mean the close research of current trends, sometimes with the help of an interior design professional. This research, at least done today, is likely to turn up a good deal of rustic design inspiration, as rustic elements of design have become quite sought after when it comes to home decor.
For many, rustic design will incorporate the use of a lot of wood, for everything from the furniture to the decor to even the addition of wood paneling. But for many others, such elements of rustic design might not be attainable, as real hardwood products can be quite expensive indeed. Though wood products are very long lasting, lasting for more than a full century if taken good care of, they are also not always the most environmentally friendly.
After all, the typical hardwood tree can take as many as 40 full years to mature – and sometimes even 60 fully years! At the very least, the fastest growing of all hardwood trees will still take at least 20 years before being considered to be fully mature. This means that with how many hardwood trees are being cut down for various purposes in today’s day and age, we must be more careful than ever about the wood that we are consuming. Fortunately, there are a number of design alternatives to the use of new wood products.
For example, recycled shiplap planks have presented quite the viable alternative for wood siding. These shiplap planks will still provide the rustic look, but are cost effective and far more environmentally friendly than much of the new wood that is available to boot. If shiplap planks aren’t your thing, you can also consider a peel and stick wood wall. The peel and stick wood wall is even growing in popularity – and is likely to continue to experience this growth in the years that are to come.
After all, the typical peel and stick wood wall is very cost effective, as adhesive shiplap or any other such peel and stick paneling is certainly going to be less costly than any new wood hardwood product on the market today. For many, the peel and stick wood wall presents a great opportunity for design – but the peel and stick wood wall helps to prevent wood waste and the typical peel and stick wood wall is both easy to apply and to remove in turn, making it easy to update decor.

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