Looking for Lighting Solutions? Reasons to Look at LED Lighting Options

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Led high bay light fixtures

Whether you own a business or want the best lighting for your home, most people want the best lighting for the smallest amount of money. In just about every case, you can benefit from using LED lighting. Whether you are looking at LED canopy light fixtures, LED warehouse lighting fixtures or wall pack LED light fixtures, LED can be a better bet than other lighting options.

Before diving into the value-added reasons to go with wall pack LED light fixtures, it is important to understand what they are and how they work. The LED stands for “light-emitting diode.” This new kind of lighting differs greatly from the light bulbs that have been in use since the technology was first invented. This kind of lighting fixture is considered to be one of the most quickly growing technologies around. It is preferred over other kinds of lighting for a number of reasons. The Department of Energy has put together some of the ways this kind of lighting is different from traditional lighting and reasons to use it in many settings.andnbsp;

There are a number of ways that LED lighting, including wall pack LED light fixtures, is very different from incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting fixtures. Here are a few ways LED lights are different:

  • LED lights have a different source of light. Many LED lights are very small. Some have compared them to pepper flecks. They combine blue, green, and red to create a white light.
  • LED lights use their own direction. When you have an LED light, you have a fixture that puts its light out in a very specific direction. Because they do this, there is no need for diffusers and reflectors to direct the light. A great benefit that is achieved is greater efficiency. LED lights can be used for task lighting, recessed downlighting, and more. This is one reason wall pack LED light fixtures can be so great.
  • LED lights put out a lot less heat. In fact, they put out almost none. Anyone who has gone to change an incandescent light bulb after it has been in use for a while knows how hot they can get. This does not happen with LED lights. Because almost all of the energy used goes to light, they use less energy.

LED lighting can come in a number of forms and be used for a large number of things. Its uses span residential buildings and it can be used in industrial settings. Every year, the list of ways it can be used grows. Here are some of the ways they are used today:

  • LED lights are used in commercial and industrial buildings. Because they are so energy efficient and have the ability to direct light only where it is needed, this kind of lighting is perfect for manufacturing and in retail spaces. They are also used in parking garages, for street lights, to light walkways, task lighting, modular lighting, and other outdoor settings such as in sports arenas.
  • LED lights are great in the kitchen. They are tiny and the light can be directed so they are great for use in kitchens. When finding the right light for a kitchen the fixture will make a bigger difference than when these lights are used outdoors so it is important to get the right fixture for the space.
  • LED lighting is great for the holidays. There are a number of reasons people are making the switch to LED lighting for their holiday decorations. These lights are safer, more sturdy, last longer, and are easier to put up that their incandescent counterparts. One main reason they are so great for holiday decorations is that they are so much cooler than older lights. That means you will have less of a fire risk. The fact that they are more sturdy means they can be used in and outside a home.
  • LED light bulbs last longer. Most people use incandescent light bulbs. The LED variety may cost a little more but their lifespan is so much longer that they will pay for themselves in time.

If you are looking to save money, energy, and effort with your lighting solutions, LED lights should top your list for all your lighting needs.

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