Moving Can Be Fun if You Plan it Right

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Moving companies
A sizable number of people move every year. It could be a move across town or across the country. Moving can be an adventure or a headache. It depends partly on your attitude, and partly on the kind of help you can count on when packing and moving. With help from movers Spokane, you can skip all the difficult stuff and leave the packing, moving, unpacking and setting up to the professionals.
With a professional moving company to handle the heavy lifting, you can focus of preparing yourself and your family, including the pets, for the move. No matter how far you’re moving, some classic tips for packing and moving are always useful.

Why do people move?
The most common reason for moving is jobs and economic opportunities, but people also move to be closer to family, to find better schools for their kids, and even to live in or near the place where they were born. As many as 62% of all Americans live in the state where they were born. Many of them are returnees, coming back home after living and working around the county and even around the world, for years.

Checklists are your best friend
Whether you’re an expert or an novice at moving house, home moving tips always come in handy. To begin with, make a checklist. Or even several checklists, with things to do a month and a week before moving. And one for the day of the move itself. If you’re one of those people who lose lists as soon as they make them, tape yours to the fridge. In fact, checklists are your best friends, along with the movers Spokane who will do all the hard work.
One month ahead, you might start researching moving companies, finding the best rates, reviews and talking to their staff to find the best movers Spokane. You could also find out the names and contacts for the utilities in your new location. One week ahead, you could start making calls to transfer your services, such as electric, gas and cable, and fill out a change of address form. You should also remember to change your address for your bank accounts, credit cards etc.

Easy moving tips for moving day
Moving day will be full of activity and excitement, and it helps to have thought it through before. Moving day tips would include:
  • Make sure kids and pets are safe and out of the away when the packers and movers arrive.
  • Make sure you have enough food and drink for everyone, plus the necessary bowls, glasses, plates, flatware and napkins
  • Pack your basic bathroom last. Look behind the door to make sure you haven’t left behind your favorite bathrobe.
  • Have basic necessities for the new house – including soap, toilet paper, basic kitchen and bathroom necessities – packed separately to take with you.
  • Congratulate yourself on your planning skills for a painless house moving experience. Do something celebratory when you settle down in the evening in your new place, with food, drink or music, or all three.
Why use professional moving services?
Professional movers offer a full range of moving services. They will pack your home, move it, unpack and set up your new place. They will even clean your old apartment or house, leaving it ready for the new inhabitants.
When you pick movers Spokane to handle your move, it just makes life a whole lot easier. For one thing, it minimizes the disruption. You can leave your home as it is until the very last day, and arrive at your new place with just a few basic necessities. Setting up your new house is faster too, because the moving company will unpack for you.

When you’re moving house, any help at all is welcome. Professional movers Spokane can make the transition much easier, and even fun. You just have to plan it right.

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