Order in the Home How the Floor of a Room Ought to Be Used for Maximum Impact

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Floor design patterns
A home is the one place on the planet where someone feels completely safe and relaxed, to this end not every house is a home. A home is the sum of many elements that weave a cohesive narrative; it is for this reason that guests may sometimes feel different when walking into a room. Each room ought to have a theme that instills a certain emotion or sensation whenever one walks into it; this is sometimes referred to as the impression of the room. Color, pattern, and decor all contribute to this impression but the right kind of floor really grounds a room and helps inspire the function and feeling of a room. Here are some tips to properly utilize carpets, hardwood, and tile floors around your home.
Carpet is one of the most popular choices for bedrooms, living areas, and generally rooms that are made for leisurely relaxation. A Houzz survey found that up to 38% of participants plan on carpeting their master bedroom. For all of the benefits of comfort instilled through the variety of carpet designs, textures, and colors, many homeowners are rethinking carpeting. Carpet typically only lasts for about 10 years before the fibers start to wear away. Furthermore, carpet is susceptible to mold and water damage and is known to harbor dust mites and allergens. For those unwilling to regularly clean and maintain their carpets, a less demanding floor option may be best.
Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floors are a timeless flooring option available in a seemingly endless number of materials, styles, and designs to suit the needs of any room. In fact, Houzz found that up to 34% of floors in survey participants’ homes were covered in hardwood. Nearly half of all Americans favor some kind of wood flooring throughout their home. The benefit of hardwood over carpet is the easy-to-clean surface that resists staining and typically lasts longer depending on the nature of the floor itself. While hardwood floors can be used to create a classic, beautiful room it lacks the comfort of a carpeted floor; anyone who has ever placed their bare feet on cold hardwood in the morning can attest to the shock! Even this can be remedied with the addition of an appropriate rug however, making hardwood one of the most versatile floors for just about any room.
Tile Floor Patterns
Like hardwood, tile is another easy-to-clean option that many homeowners enjoy having around. Up to 90% of surveyed homeowners state that they prefer hardwood or tile in rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms because of how easy they are to clean. Unlike hardwood however, tile gives the homeowner a bit more creative freedom to design custom tile floor patterns to create a unique aesthetic for any room. A lot of homeowners neglect to consider the impact of texture; the tangible feel of a floor on one’s feet can convey different messages. Tile floor patterns can be smooth and glossy or rough and earthy and just about everything in-between due to the variety of materials that tiles are available in. Whenever designing a room from the ground up, don’t neglect to consider how the floor can impact a room — it could be the difference between a neatly ordered home and a chaotic house.

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