Roof Repair Requires a Careful Consideration of Reliable Contractors

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It was a crazy evening that led to the realization that your 19 year old home was in need of roof repair.
After a night of restless sleeping, you attempted to wake your husband and tell him he needed to follow you into the large walk in closet in the master bedroom suite. Earlier in the evening you had taken turns waking each other up. He kept waking you up with his snoring and you kept waking him up by talking in your sleep. It may have been the fact that he had already shaken you awake to tell you that you had been sleep talking about Colorado, but for whatever reason he was reluctant to follow his sleep taking wife out of bed and into the closet. He was already exhausted and knew the alarm would be gong off too soon.
when you finally convinced him that it was important, he agreed that there really was some kind of strange sound up in the attic. So loud and strange, in fact, that you were beginning to think that that is why you both had kept waking up throughout the night. Not wanting to examine the attic in the middle of the night, your husband suggested that you call the exterminator in the morning. And that call to the exterminator was what lead to the major roof repair.
Upon closer inspection, the exterminator found out that a family of bats was living in your attic. They had gained easy access to the space through a pretty large hole that you had not noticed before. Luckily, the problem was discovered before winter. The exterminator assured you that he could get rid of the unwanted guests and the residential roofers assured you that they could complete the roof repair project long before cold weather set in.
What Are You Looking for in a New Roof?
The search for a roof repair or replacement option often begins with the restrictions of a neighborhood or home owners society. A home owner association in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, originally required all homes in the subdivision to install shake shingles. Fifteen years later, however, the neighborhood has changed their requirements. The shake shingles proved to be a roofing material that attracted and harbored silverfish, an annoying insect.
As a result, the neighborhood now also allows composite shingles as well as the initial shake shingle option. As home owners look for replacement options after storms, for example, they are thankful for a different options.
General Contracting Companies Can Provide Competitive Bids
Once home owners understand the options and limitations that are dictated by their neighborhood associations they can begin looking at what new roof and roof replacement option would work best for them. Climate and weather are often important factors in making a decision about a major investment like a roof. General contractors can not only offer bids, they can also suggest why certain materials might be the best choice for a particular region of the country.
Metal Roofing Options For many parts of the country, and for many commercial buildings, metal roofing is an affordable, long lasting, and maintenance free option. Available in a wide array of colors, metal roofs are available in shingle options or the more popular single sheet option.
In addition to its other advantages, metal roofing is also energy efficient. In fact, selecting a cool colored metal roofing material contains pigments that reflect 20% to 90% of both heat and sunlight. Furthermore, installation of reflective metal roofing can save a home owner as much as 40% in summer cooling energy costs. Additionally, a metal roof with a highly emissive coating can reduce urban air temperatures by as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit. A metal roof not only saves a home owner energy costs, but also leaves a smaller environmental foot print.
Composite Roofing Options When it comes to selecting roofing materials, many home owners are looking for long life and low maintenance solutions. A new composite roof, for example, is virtually maintenance free if properly installed, and, depending on the investment, can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years. In complete contrast to roofing materials of the past like asphalt shingles, today’s options provide affordable and environmentally friendly choices.

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