Take Care of Those Easily Fixed Leaks Before There’s an Emergency

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Homeowners realize the importance of keeping their house well-maintained and in good repair. From time-to-time, however, unforeseen issues may arise. In these instances, plumbing and remodeling services may be required.

Different Types of Household Leaks

A large number of homes have leaks. While some of these may be obvious, others may be less so for the moment. Recent data shows that ten percent of homes within the United States are wasting 90 gallons of water or more every day. This is usually caused by basic household leaks that can actually be easily repaired. When outdoor spigots leak, for example, this, too, can create a significant amount of water loss.
Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency claims that approximately one trillion gallons of water is wasted due to these and other types of issues:
  • Leaky bathroom faucets
  • Leaky kitchen faucets
  • Malfunctioning toilets
  • Malfunctioning sprinkler systems

Addressing Household Water Loss

Due to the above and other issues, the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that the amount of water lost on an annual basis is equivalent to what is used by over 11 million households. When easily-fixed leaks are taken care of, this can save homeowner’s valuable water as well as roughly ten percent on their annual water bills. In some instances, however, issues such as burst pipes and water heaters may further exacerbate this situation.

Bathroom Remodeling

When a house’s plumbing is inspected and determined to need more sophisticated repairs, replacements, and/or energy-saving upgrades, many homeowners may choose to remodel. A recent Houzz survey, for instance, indicated that 91% of its participants planned to have energy-efficient toilets installed during their bathroom remodels. These low-flow toilets have been demonstrated to cut down on daily water usage.
A survey was conducted by the National Association of Home Builders. The results showed that the most common request they received was for bathroom remodeling. This accounted for 78% of the renovations that were recently requested or completed. When homeowners are planning to sell their house, bathroom remodels, particularly master bathroom renovations, can bring a solid return on their investment. Adding a second or third bathroom to an existing home can also bring a significant return.

Kitchen Remodeling

After bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling was the second most common request, according to the National Association of Home Builders survey. These remodels accounted for 69% of the jobs recently requested. It’s important to note that homeowners can receive an average return on their investment of 82.7% for even a minor kitchen remodel. This may make a significant difference in the overall selling price of their home.

Outdoor Living Spaces and Landscaping

When homeowners decide to enhance their outdoor spaces, this often includes upgrading their patio or deck design. They may also decide to revitalize their landscaping to include productive as well as ornamental plants and trees. While it does depend on the size of these spaces, It’s especially important to make sure that there are enough outdoor spigots. In addition to having conveniently-located outdoor spigots, hoses of various sizes are also needed. In some instances, homeowners may also choose to have irrigation systems installed for ease of watering.
Many homeowners may also decide to have outdoor kitchens built, which includes having solid working surfaces along with an outdoor spigot for their sink. Others, especially homeowners with pools or located near rivers and streams, may want to have outdoor showers and other amenities built to wash off the day’s fishing trip or other recreational activities.

Contact a Plumber for Regular Household Inspections and Maintenance

Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for years to come or are preparing to put it on the market, it’s important to ensure that your plumbing system is up-to-date. Since many first-time buyers are opting to purchase newly-constructed rather than older homes that may have plumbing issues, this is yet another reason to upgrade.
Furthermore, since many household leaks may not be obvious, an experienced plumber will be able to detect them. Rather than encounter an emergency situation, it’s important to address potential issues before they arise. Given that there are more energy-efficient hot water heaters and other essential appliances, such as washing machines, you may also want to discuss having these upgraded with your plumber.

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