The Dangers of Skimping on Roofing Materials

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After months of snow, ice and cold wind, when spring finally arrives, many folks derive from it a feeling of renewal and a new beginning. However, as the snow and ice melt, and the earth defrosts, the consequences of a long, cold winter become evident. Often times, the soggy ground is littered with debris that was scattered by the wind during the end of autumn. Paper and plastic bags, crushed cans and bottles, corrugated cardboard, and roofing shingles. No doubt, a home takes a beating during those winter months, and although the roof remains in place, it certainly endured quite a battering. For homeowners who are in the market for the best shingles, home depot building materials offer them plenty of choices. While building material retailers offer a variety of building shingles such as Owens Corning roof shingles and Elk shingles, GAF Materials Corp. are among the best home depot asphalt shingles. GAF Materials Corp. started almost 125 years ago, and has been a leading manufacture of roofing materials for decades. As such, GAF Materials Corp. is one of the most trusted companies for contractors and homeowners. Among the high quality materials offered by GAF Materials are Timberline shingles, which are among the most durable building shingles on the market today. Furthermore, GAF Materials Corp. offers building materials that are not only tough, but they offer green technologies, as well. When it comes to eco friendly building materials, GAF Materials Corp. is one of the industry leaders in environmentally friendly product development. GAF offers plenty of green residential and commercial options, which include solar roofing products and cool, reflective roofing. Many of the building products offered by GAF Materials Corp. are made from recycled materials. Furthermore, GAF Materials Corp. offers products that encourage sustainable roofing practices, such as re cover roofing and garden roofing, which helps to minimize land fill waste. Those at GAF Materials Corp. realize that the roof is the most important part of any home. After all, without a roof, there really is no home; and it is the roof that provides most of the protection from snow, ice, rain, wind, and sun. Naturally, a roof takes a beating, but must still withstand the force of mother nature. Fortunately, with the products offered by GAF Materials Corp., homeowners can rest assured that can wake up every morning with their roof right where it should be.

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