The Importance of Metal Working In Today’s Society

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Are you a welders, pipe-fitter, or owner of a plant that handles either type of process? If so, you then you probably understand how quickly the field is growing. According to the American Welding Society there are over half a million welders currently employed in the United States. This number does not sound nearly as startling when you consider that 50 percent of U.S. products require some type of welding for their construction. If you are just getting into one of the fields mentioned above then there are a few basic things you ought to understand:
Welding - Studies show that the earlier record of welding occurred in 3,500 B.C. Becoming a welder requires a certain amount of training because of the danger and complexity of the work. Working with high heat and molten metal is not for the faint of heart, it requires items like beryllium copper tools that are non sparking and will not cause a fire or explosion. Once you have acquired a welding job you may want to consider being certified by the American Welding Society in an effort to give yourself a bit more credibility as a welder.
Pipe Fitting - Pipe fitting is another occupation that requires skilled training because the job is incredibly complex. Pipe fitters are responsible for installing the pipes for both residential and commercial properties that carry things like liquid, gas, and solids to and from a property. Business owners lose thousands of dollars every year because they neglect this important factor and continue to use old methods to fit pipes. Pipe alignment tools are specific which is another reason for the level of training needed for this job.
Info On Non Sparking Tools - Beryllium copper is the hardest and strongest of any copper alloy. It is also non magnetic and non sparking which means that when it is made into beryllium copper tools like wrenches and screwdrivers, that it can be used on jobs where explosives are present like coal mines and oil rigs. You can purchase a non sparking tool kit that will include not only the typical items listed above, but any other type of tool you might need from pliers to hex bit sockets, and even shovels and axes.
Non sparking tools for welding like beryllium copper tools make the job of a welder that much safer. The same thing goes for tools like pipe alignment clamps and the job of a pipe fitter. If you think that you might need this work done in your home or business, it is likely that you won’t want to spend time learning the trade yourself which is why you will end up calling an expert. Understanding the tools of these trades is crucial to success.

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