The Top 3 “Greenest” Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Yard Waste

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Homeowners are more eco-conscious and environmentally savvy than ever before, with many going to great lengths to take advantage of local recycling services. And while filling up the recycling bins with paper and plastic each week is important, it’s not enough when it comes to maintaining a “green” home.
Environmental responsibility goes far beyond waste removal or recycling plastic bottles, and instead points to a lifestyle that aims to reduce, reuse, and recycle items as much as impossible, including “trash” such as yard waste.
Although commonly discounted as garbage, yard waste can be reused and repurposed in a surprising number of ways, many of which can actually improve the both the aesthetic and condition of a yard. Check out these helpful “green” recycling tips to learn how to get the most of your yard waste:
Mulch is a must
Got any dried leaves or wood chipping laying around? Leaves and shredded wood waste can be used to make a fertile, nutrient-rich mulch. Unlike many store bought mulches that are chemically treated, mulch made from yard waste is completely natural and free of potentially harmful additives. Furthermore, it’s far less expensive! Homemade mulch is extremely versatile and can be used to slow or prevent weed growth, retain water, regulate soil temperature, and fertilize the soil among other things.
Get grassy
Instead of throwing away grass clippings after mowing your lawn, reuse them as fertilizer. Although many homeowners discard of them for fear that they might rot and damage their lawn, grass clippings are actually a great fertilizer that can be used in both lawn and garden areas. This practice is known as “grasscycling”. Compared to artificial chemical fertilizers, grass clippings are completely safe for pets, children, and the environment. By recycling and reusing grass clippings, homeowners can save time and money while working toward saving the environment in the process.
Compost pile it on
Get your compost on by creating a convenient compost pile in your backyard using both kitchen and yard waste. Compost is a natural material made decayed waste material. Once completely broken down, organic waste material becomes a rich, nutrient-dense fertilizer that can be used in gardening and lawn care. Items that can be used in a compost pile include kitchen waste such as coffee grounds, vegetable peels, and fruit scraps and yard waste such as grass clippings, twigs, and dead leaves.
Trash can be recycled or repurposed and turned into treasure, especially when it comes yard waste. When properly used, yard waste can become an extremely economical and versatile fertilizer that’s environmentally safe. When in doubt about what yard waste should be disposed, homeowners are encouraged to contact their local garbage removal or waste management service for more information.

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