The Top 3 Reasons to Go Green and Use Organic Lawn Care Products

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Green lawn care
Though many people enjoy and prefer to eat organic foods, there are those that roll their eyes at the thought of it. People that discount or simply don’t understand the obvious health and environmental benefits of eating organic foods and supporting organic brands are seriously missing out, not only improving their own well being but protecting the health of those around them. Making the switch to organic isn’t just something that angsty hipsters do in order to go against the status quo. It can and should be viewed as a movement in health and environmental responsibility.
But eating organic food and even using organic personal care products isn’t good enough in terms of protecting your own personal health, the health of those you love, and the health of the environment. But that’s where organic lawn care comes in. Organic lawn care, also known as “green lawncare — pun intended — or natural lawncare, is a form of safer lawn care that makes use of organic and natural ingredients to control pests and fertilize the soil.
Organic lawn care is a form of environmentally friendly lawncare that only makes uses of organic and natural products, but it also involves taking advantage of sustainable farming and gardening techniques that are often used in permaculture. Incorporating native plant species as a means of pest control and conserving water are techniques often used in permaculture, but these techniques can also be incorporated into an organic lawn care routine for improved eco-friendliness.
Still not sold on organic lawn care? Here are a few important factors to consider that are sure to change your mind.
It’s better for your pets
Pets such as dogs and cats spend a lot of time outdoors, and they can suffer serious health consequences if they’re continuously exposed to harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides. Exposure to these harsh substances can cause your pet to experience difficulty breathing, skin irritation, digestive issues, and in some cases may even increase the risk of cancer. Having a “green” lawn simply isn’t worth it if the products you use to take care of it are anything but green.
It’s better for your family
Your family spends a lot of time enjoying the lawn, but that’s difficult to do if it’s laden with toxic chemicals. As with pets, young children and the elderly, or those with weakened immune systems, are especially vulnerable to the harsh chemical products used in standard lawn care practices. Kids are known for rolling around on the grass, but you wouldn’t want them doing that if it has been soaked in chemical irritants! Going green when it comes to lawn care ensures everyone has safe, clean fun.
It’s better for the environment
A lot of people might scoff at the threat of global warming or the thought of becoming more environmentally responsible, however, does it really make any sense to destroy that very planet and environment that sustains you? Eh, not really. Using harmful lawn care products can contaminant the groundwater surrounding your home and put your household’s health and the health of surrounding household’s at risk.

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