Things You Never Knew about Something As Simple As Crushed Gravel

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Crushed gravel can be a great way of improving your landscaping. Crushed gravel also functions as a fantastic aggregate for construction. Here’s everything you need to know about crushed gravel and why it’s important and useful.

Crushed Gravel As an Economic Indicator

Amazingly, crushed gravel is so important that the amount of crushed stone and gravel sold in a country is an indicator of the economic health of the nation. This type of landscaping and building supply material is so crucial to all forms of business industry that high sales are an indication that the economy is booming.

What Is Crushed Gravel?

Crushed stone and gravel can be made from dolomite, limestone, and many other types of stone. The difference between crushed gravel and naturally occurring gravel and small stones is that the natural processes that produce the latter tend to produce rounded gravel. Commercially crushed gravel has a more angular surface. Because of this, crushed gravel can be produced in whatever form and size is desired.

What Is Crushed Gravel Used for?

Crushed stone and gravel can be used for great variety of applications on construction sites and for residential and commercial landscaping. Here are just a few of the major uses for crushed stone and gravel:
  1. Gravel can be used to install a driveway. A gravel driveway should use three different sizes of crushed gravel. The bottom layer should have about four inches of large rocks the size of a baseball. The middle layer should be a similar depth but made up of smaller rocks about the size of a golf ball. The top four inches should be of rocks about the size of marbles. Gravel driveways that are properly installed can last from three years all the way up to 10 years if they are kept up and maintained.

  2. Gravel can provide weed control for your garden or other landscaping. About one inch of small rocks or crushed gravel is a very effective barrier against weeds when you are landscaping a property.

  3. Crushed gravel can be used to make Macadam. When crushed gravel is mixed with asphalt and tarmac it makes an even better driveway or pavement commonly called Macadam. This type of roadway or pavement can be very strong because of the interlocking of the angular stones.

  4. Gravel can provide excellent erosion control. Whether you need to shore up a bit of landscaping around the home or commercial building or need to build a wall for shoreline or railroad construction, crushed gravel and stone is an effective protection from the erosion that results from either water or ice.

  5. Use gravel for septic systems. Gravel is commonly laid down around septic systems and other self-contained sewage treatment in order to provide effective drainage. The crushed gravel keeps any liquid from these systems from soaking quickly into the ground and causing flooding.

  6. Feed it to your poultry. Perhaps one of the most unusual uses for crushed stone and gravel is as a mineral food for feeding poultry such as chickens. Chickens and other poultry require finely crushed minerals in order to properly digest their food, and providing these birds with a very finely crushed gravel is an excellent way of getting this necessary food into their diet.
There are plenty of other uses for gravel, and gravel is just one type of valuable construction materials made from rocks and stone. There are also landscaping rocks, drainage grave, construction sand, washed gravel, rockery rocks, and many types of river rock. Crushed gravel is a great way to add value to your landscaping or to improve utility and strength of your construction project.

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