Three Reasons You Need a Generator for Your Home

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If power outages happened on a schedule, it wouldn’t be too difficult to prepare. You would simply look at your calendar for the next scheduled outage and plan accordingly. Unfortunately, that is never the case. Sometimes, a storm can hit exceptionally hard with no outages in power and other times an outage might occur for what seems like no reason at all.

Generator services prepare your home for the inevitable and can end up saving you money and a whole lot more. You are constantly trying to save money on your home expenses if you are like the majority of Americans. You might have a programmable thermostat that can save you around $180 per year on energy costs. Every little bit helps since heating and cooling account for almost half of the energy in a typical American home.

Saving money isn’t the only thing you want to be doing, however. You also want to be preparing for the times when you will need to function without all of your electrical systems. There are many types of electric generators to consider from commercial generators to residential generators and many generator services to choose from as well.

Here are three reasons you will need a generator and why you should consider generator installation done by the professionals who know what it is they are doing.

1.) To prevent property damage

In the event of a power outage, the essential systems of your home that require electricity will no longer function. A severe storm, high winds, or even an electrical fire can do some serious damage. Electrical fires, for example, cost over a billion dollars per year in property damage. When your electrical systems are not working, your generator will kick in, giving you backup power for your sump pump, your heating and cooling units, as well as ordinary systems you might not think about like pumping the sewage from your home.

2.) To keep your food safe

When the electricity goes out, so do the systems that keep your food fresh. Imagine having just gone grocery shopping to fill up your refrigerator and freezer only to have the power go out. If that food goes bad, you could be losing a couple hundred dollars right there.

3.) To keep medical equipment running

In our modern world, more people are relying on medical equipment in their homes and most of that medical equipment runs on electricity. Generator services that are set to keep these crucial machines running can literally save lives if the power ever goes out.

Imagine if you or your loved one relied on a CPAP machine while sleeping. Most everyone has gone through the experience of having gone to sleep with the home’s power on and woken up to it having gone off sometime during sleep. For people with sleep disorders, this could be deadly.

If you have a home of your own, you can easily see how important it is to have a backup generator installed to work alongside your current system. You will save on bills, save your food, and maybe even your life.

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