Three Things to Know When Redoing a Bathroom and Choosing to Lay Tile

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Mosaic tile bathroom wall

In the age of DIY, more individuals are choosing to work on projects themselves, including laying tile. In fact, over 55% of individuals in a recent survey said they had plans to redo their entire bathroom. Changing up the look of a bathroom, including significant remodels, can help if someone is trying to sell their house, and would like to see a significant return for their money. Bathrooms that are remodeled have an ROI of over 80%, and can be a major deciding factor if someone is going to purchase a property or not. Here are three things to keep in mind for anyone that chooses to add decorative subway tiles to their bathroom.
If Choosing to Lay Tiles, it is Important to Understand what PEI the Tiles Are
For anyone who wants to use ceramic tile for a bathroom, it is important to understand that there are different PEI numbers for ceramic tile flooring. Individuals might see a PEI of one. This indicates that the tile is not meant for foot traffic, and is only for wall purposes. PEI of two is fine for bathroom flooring. However, individuals who are looking for kitchen tiles for backsplash should take care to only use number four and above, since this is meant to accommodate heavy foot traffic. Individuals can talk with a customer service representative who can help them find decorative subway tiles that meet their needs, while still maintaining the PEI that is important for the room they are trying to redo. This goes a long way in taking care of redoing the room, without having to worry about not having the correct tiles, or needing to go back and change things because of problems with the PEI of a tile.
Figure Out What Kind of Color Scheme is Needed for the Decorative Subway Tiles
Decorative subway tiles can come in many different colors and patterns. Before choosing to have ceramic tile installation, it is important to determine what kind of colors would look best in the bathroom. For individuals who are choosing to tile their walls and floor, this is especially important, since the tiles will take quite a bit of work to take down once they have been put up. Bathroom wall tile can add an understated elegance and clean look to a room, where bathroom floor tile can ensure that the area is easy to clean and mop. Some individuals might choose a clean look, and go for tile colors that match both the floor and the wall. Others might choose to have different tile colors for the wall and the floor. There is no right or wrong option, and it is up to the individual and what they think would like best for the room. However, it is important to be aware of what the desired look is, because once the tiles have been put up, taking them down will require a fair amount of work and time invested.
Tiling Can be Helpful In Learning About How to DIY in the Home
Many individuals would agree that it is easiest to outsource to a professional when it comes to chores such as putting up tile. However, learning how to put up ceramic tile for a bathroom can be helpful, since it gives the individual a sense of pride and accomplishment in playing a part in their home, and allows them the chance to learn a new skill that they can put to use in other parts of the home. Many people go on to tile their kitchens, finding that it gives the house a new and updated look.
There are many factors to consider when putting tile up in a home. The first is understanding what PEI each tile has, since certain numbers are better suited for walls, and higher numbers are required for heavy traffic areas. Individuals should also be aware of the color scheme they want to go with, including if they want to do floors and walls, and if both of these should match, or be different colors. Finally, learning how to put up tiles can be helpful, since individuals will develop new skills, and feel a more personal investment in their home.

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